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  1. Hahah, fair point! I'm just so lost regarding what this sequel will be about... :P

  2. In the scene where Lundy questions Dexter about the murderer that went free because Dexter was sloppy with the bloodwork, and that murderer ended up being a victim of the Bay Harbor Butcher, Lundy must have had the idea.

  3. The most liked post on this subreddit this week is about people hating this character. We can't have that. Miguel Prado was one hell of a character!

  4. They are gonna be disappointed when 99% of the answers only say Dexter and Debra and none of the new characters.

  5. The sad part is that it's not a failure of acting on the part of the new characters, just insanely bad writing and attention to detail. I feel bad for the actors.

  6. Agree! Great actors all of them! Their characters simply just weren't important or interesting enough to the storyline.

  7. Dexter definitely wouldn't be convicted as the BHB. A copycat at most, but I would say there's below 1% chance of even that happening. Angela's evidence is so weak and is only circumstantial. She got 2 needle marks on 2 drug dealers and one of the "victims" is still alive and the other died of an overdose.

  8. Clyde wants to do Season 2, I don't see why Showtime wouldn't.

  9. Yeah, I read those articles too. But they were from 2013-2014. You should think an 8 years break from the show would motivate him to do more Dexter. Especially since the return actually happened, but only for 1 season though...

  10. It was Michael C. Hall. He said as much almost a decade ago, it's just hard to find since New Blood was announced.

  11. "I think he just didn't want to be typecasted. He thinks he's better than the character and is tired of being asked about it, so now it's dead."

  12. Number 2 doesn't really make sense. Harrison despises his father and he doesn't even know the code. So can't see that happening. Wouldn't personally watch it either...

  13. It was a funny twist from the writers, to show us the only one who saw through Dexters mask, was Doakes.

  14. He’s pretty sloppy. He has several people out there living that could come out of the wood work and cause serious problems for him if he’s publicly suspected of being a killer

  15. Let's say Lumen went to the police and said he was the Bay Harbor Butcher. What evidence did Dexter leave behind that Lumen can use?

  16. Let’s say Jonah Mitchell see’s that Dexter is suspected of being a killer and says “yeah this dude was hanging around my father and choked him and threatened to kill him in front of my family a few weeks before he went missing? What happens then. Dexter is not this pristine mastermind that has no threats tying himself to things.

  17. The same goes for Jonah Mitchell? What evidence does he have?

  18. I don't see how anyone could say this. Harrison was clearly uncomfortable while Dexter was killing Kurt and did not seem happy about leaving Iron Lake at all. He agreed to because he wanted to be with his Dad, not because he wanted to go on a killing spree.

  19. It wasn't what Dexter was doing that made him uncomfortable. It was the blood flowing towards him that reminded him of his mother.

  20. People need to stop saying they're not mad that Dexter died while also saying "season 2" in the same post.

  21. The reason so many are mad about the final is literally because so many of the storylines hinted at a season 2. But they rushed a terrbile written ending instead. There were so many storylines that they had build up throughout this season and we didn't see any of them fold out. Harrisons introduction to the code, Batista & Dexter reunion, The rich oil guy from early episodes, the Bay Harbor Butcher investigation, Kurt saying on the kill table "It's all me. ha-ha, You got me. Every bit of it.".

  22. "It seems like a lot of people are just mad that he dies, and don't actually care about anything else."

  23. I mostly agree with your complaints. Which is why in my post I put that Harrisons motivations should have been clearer and Dexter should have had more evidence against him since that's the only reason he would kill Logan the way he did.

  24. I think the 4.5 rating is deserved. The last 20 minutes did not make sense in terms of what the entire season had built up to.

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