1. paint the back part of the jacket black so the spine will match better and cut off the excess of the patch

  2. nah they only have the black ones and they are vey thick. obviously ive looked on amazon.

  3. Great job being a responsible pet owner! Here, have a pat on the back 👋🏼

  4. Damn bro chill. If you get nervous and you cant go see a vet this instant. I dont see Any problems with asking a dog group, someone could know what it is from experience and ease your nerves a little if it aint a biggy. Hope he gets well soon :)

  5. Thanks, brutha. I appreciate it… just hope my little doggo is alright :/

  6. Dood they are the most comfy shoes I own. plus the leather feels buttery and looks so nice beat up

  7. Well this ones worth about 5 bucks or less I think

  8. The tag looks funny right? Plus he wants to do F&F which is always fishy

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