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  1. Devils advocate of this group, but I’ve got a strong feeling GME is running soon. Between TA and low liquidity, GameStop could file for bankruptcy and people would just buy more. Is it going to the moon? No, but I think another touch between $32-$35 is very likely before the next leg down. I still swing it, but I don’t hold it long term anymore. My conviction is that the volatility is what keeps this thing from going to zero. Hedge funds have made millions selling options, which I think has played a bigger role in these runs than anything else. I’ll let the superapes hold indefinitely and I’ll just continue to scalp.

  2. I did great on Wednesday with them! But then lost it all today. Dropping to $400 during premarket and then closing flat near yesterday's close...ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME SPY?? I HATE YOU SPY AND WILL NEVER BUY 0DTE AGAIN!!! (at least not until Monday)

  3. Glad I’m not the only one. Up $250 a couple days ago and donated $500 back today.

  4. He signed some crypto research or information bill over a year ago and nothing has happened with that either, wouldn’t get too excited.

  5. His lawyers advised him not to. Meltdowners…. Maybe you should buy a red bandana…. Maybe then you will feel DFV inside you.

  6. Ohh you haven’t heard? It’s ALL the qualified peer reviewed DD. Same people that are qualified to peer review new medical procedures and drug trials.

  7. And not a single normal hand. Imagine getting hit by the 7 digit superman.

  8. Yeah I don’t get it either. They still say that shorts are bleeding, like you can’t DCA a short position or puts.

  9. No, recession is cancelled. Jamal’s pollens talked earlier and big rally.

  10. Lmao it's like this dude has never been to this sub before and is now trying to argue us without knowing how anything works. 400% up is not a squeeze. That would be a fake out. The risk of a short sale is INFINITE. If outstanding shares + 1 are never sold, the price would theoretically continue to go up forever and most people in this sub are not selling a single share before it's worth hundreds of millions of dollars

  11. If you truly believe no one is selling after $100+, you’re going to be holding forever while everyone else is laughing. Even if your dream scenario happened, the US government would step in and stop it. Nothing happened when they turned the buy button off, you think they would let a single stock destroy the word economy? No.

  12. The price has been $100+ several times and nobody sold because that's a shit price even for organic price movement. What are you doing trying to convince people here that all the DD is wrong with really faulty logic? Go back to meltdown. Nobody here gets fazed.

  13. When was the price over $100 several times? Most people bag holding now weren’t even invested in the stock market let alone GME during the squeeze. Telling someone to go back to Meltdown is a massive cop out. This is merely discussion, no more, no less. You’re trying to fight logic and reason with conviction.

  14. Everyone wants to speculate if the float is actually many times over what is reported, but no one wants to speculate if the numbers are correct and that’s why DRS is having an impact on liquidity with what is currently held.

  15. Even if the numbers are correct and there are only 55m shorts out there and no unreported shorts the shorts are still fucked. The GME reddit boards would own everything that wasn't in the ETFs, mutual funds, and institutions. Everyone here is convinced that there is a large hidden position and no one is selling except for big numbers. The exit door would be through the institutions and mutual funds and would still take the stonk to a couple thousand per share. Apes would be disappointed that there was no MOASS but their shares would still be very valuable.

  16. It has 100% affected liquidity. GME is dry as can be. I’m expected a pop soon enough to introduce some liquidity back in, like when we saw the recent pop up to $35.

  17. I honestly think they are cutting a substantial amount and trying to look profitable no matter what. If they don’t after RC and their CEO have touted that their main goal now is being profitable, it’s going to be really bad.

  18. The scanlines we're bad enough that I sent the panel in to get repaired. I wanted to get a refund, but they wouldn't offer that unless they are unable to fix the panel. I'm hoping they can't fix it, and I expect they won't be able to. Either way, I just bought the new AW3423DWF and it is absolutely amazing. If you can handle a 34" ultra wide then absolutely get it. It's about the same price as the Neo G7 and better in just about every way. It's only shortcoming are it being a 1440p panel (which has its own pros, and it's cons are mitigated by the glossy screen finish which gives the picture extra clarity and sharpness compared to the standard monitor's matte finish) and it losing the vertical screen real estate of a 32" 16:9 monitor. Neither of which bother me at all.

  19. Yeah I was also looking at that Alienware, but the widescreen is holding me back. I still want a screen that I can use for pc gaming, but something I can also use for my PS4. All I want is a true HDR, 16:9 screen with a 1ms response, at least 10bit color and 4k. Neo series fits about everything I want except for the terrible quality control. If I’m dropping 1k on a monitor, it shouldn’t have defects like scan lines.

  20. I got the Neo G7 at launch. Then it had very faint scan lines that I only noticed on certain icons on my desktop, like steam. But over time they have gotten worse. I now notice them all over the place and it's distracting. I'm probably going to return this and maybe get a new one, and hope it's better. I want to love this monitor. It's the best on the market for what I'm looking for in a monitor. I don't know of any 4k high refresh rate 16:9 32" monitors with good HDR performance like this one. It ticks all my boxes, but these scanlines are getting to be too much.

  21. Any update to this? I really want the neo G7 but these QA issues are holding me back.

  22. I don’t see any hate in here. I see logic and a chart that has been declining for 2 years, but not hate. Perhaps some dislike towards those that bait others and family into a dying store and NFTs that fix a problem that doesn’t exist. Can’t wait to be able to own game skins that don’t transfer to other games and have a wallet full of garbage no one will care about in 5 years. Bet those pink camos will be worth thousands, but even if they aren’t, at least I own the url on the blockchain!

  23. TA DOESNT WORK ON THE MOST MANIPULATED STOCK IN THE HISTORY OF THE STOCK MARKET. This is why options r bad! DRS your options next time so the hedgies can’t exercise them.

  24. DRS your cash by withdrawing it and storing it in waterproof bags in the cistern of your toilet.

  25. Pfft, that’s just stupid. Why lose 10% to inflation when you can lose 60% to GME.

  26. Some of the LG Oled monitors are showing burn in after only a few months, that would scare me away.

  27. I love how something happens like a spike in GS, and suddenly computershare crashes. Like, this doesn’t concern any of them. Shit starts popping off, computershare will definitely not be able to handle the bandwidth. They would miss out. That might be your MOAM. That and they have no idea about the fees behind it either.

  28. Unfortunately that won't trigger the MOAM because even if, say, GME pumps like crazy to $100 and CS crashes while apes rush to sell, they won't admit to it publicly because the floor is $100M and they don't want to admit to the other apes that they tried paperhanding.

  29. I remember a lot of talk. $300 presplit seems to be where a ton of realistic sell orders are at. Even then, that would be a pretty crazy run from here. I don’t feel bad for any of them, except the friends and family, especially elderly they’ve baited in that will have nothing when it’s all said and done. I’m in a discord with others from a Chinese btc miner stock. One of the guys said he was going to wish his brother a happy birthday, but then the last text was him telling his brother to invest in this stock that went from $15/ share down under $1 before a

  30. Half million dollar card just in his hand waving it around like nothing and you’re asking if it’s real? Common sense. If it was real it would be protected.

  31. If unemployment hasn’t skyrocketed yet, people are not going to stop spending money.

  32. Since when is 7.6% insanely low? I love how everything is FUD when they have 0% knowledge of the market.

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