1. They count to 25 then stop when Leo comes to visit

  2. Maladus is pretty sweet for Arena despite his army of naysayers. Not as terrible a pull as it seems

  3. No reason not to be happy with it, it looks great!

  4. Your choice of bases really compliment your paint scheme wonderfully! Your custodes really have that pop factor :)

  5. What if all healers had a diminishing returns mechanic? Would people complain if after 20 rounds their heals were not enough to save them if it prevented losing matches because you get to stalemate?

  6. Maybe after so many rounds start dealing increasing damage to both characters? Either the healer wins because of superior heals or the other character wins because of damage exceeding the heals. It would break the stalemates without compromising either character's strategy.

  7. Haha yeah I sat there for a HOT minute trying to think of a way out of that situation.

  8. I personally love using Pestillian, super stoked for you!

  9. Do you guys upgrade his active/ultimate ability? Felt like I should prioritize maxing his passive imo (kinda like Angrax) because his active is more of a cc than a damaging one.

  10. Yeah that's totally fine. His active cc's your target regardless, and it will trigger his passive when they attack, so leveling up the passive inadvertently levels up the active if that makes sense.

  11. It's just a regular mission. I was farming for some items and realized it would be a good demonstration for Jaeger

  12. Volk is very good, like you said he does damage well at all ranges and he's durable too. I think movement is his big negative, but even then what does it really matter when he's range 3 Heavy Round 6. If that extra movement is absolutely critical there's ways to boost his movement in game. The daemon passive helps make him more durable than most, since he gets armor equipment without losing his block chance, granted it's 25%. I think the reason Volk is so overlooked is everyone is chasing the summoner meta, or they're still trying to level characters for campaigns. It's hard to prioritze characters, and most people who might not have a clue who to work on are probably just following the general advice of players on this sub. Archimatos, Yarrick, Calandis, Aleph-Null and Thaddeus Noble are often the popular picks.

  13. I'd say based on your roster, Makhotep is probably who you should build around. His active lets summons act again, and you have quite a few characters who summon.

  14. Makhotep should be the center of a "Death Star" build, Revas and Imospekh can be Frontline with their overwatch abilities. Aleph-Null and Yarrick in the back. After the enemy engages you in Arena, your overwatch should soften them up. If Revas or Imospekh survive, Makhotep will heal them (repair) with his passive. Then you can have Aleph and Yarrick send their summons at the enemy and Makhotep can move last to activate his ability near the most clustered group of your summons to essentially get an extra turn worth of attacks out of them. This strategy can be devasting when used effectively.

  15. post highlighting as suggested by a few of you. the feedback has been awesome

  16. I'd say it's generally better to upgrade characters to legendary tier than to upgrade to higher legendary tiers. You'll prevent yourself from bottlenecks later on by spreading the love equally. Once Characters hit legendary the benefits of going from legendary 3 to legendary 4 and so on aren't as big a boost as going from epic to legendary, and imo can wait.

  17. Apologies for the low quality pic, lost my lighting setup and did what I could with my phone!

  18. Oops, forgot about him since he didn’t really… do much. Like, he was there, fought some Phyrexians, but we didn’t see his backup plan so he kinda played second fiddle to the rest of the planeswalkers. He had a nice scene with Elspeth, but that’s the bulk of his contribution besides his martial capability.

  19. Criminal how bad they massacred our red boy in the story

  20. Nice work! Especially good job on the crusty dozer blade. Careful not to catch tetanus from staring at the pics too long.

  21. Or sabotage themselves by connecting all the planes and allowing for a larger resistance to's almost like that's the plot teased out for the next set...

  22. I dont think they're connected to every single plane

  23. I don't think so either but I think it was enough planes to make it a really tough decision. I'm interested to see how it all plays out.

  24. I just posted about this exact story passage, and how I loath Elspeth now going forward. Completely hate her character now.

  25. Might be an unpopular opinion, but I think Elspeth looks hot

  26. Can someone give me some ideas of what this is good with

  27. This event is much easier than Maguan because the chests do not scale above 200 shards to unlock. Where as Maugan required 13.5k with both offers to unlock, Jain Zar only requires 9.5k. Personally I'm still aiming to unlock her the 2nd time this event comes around, as my Imps are too weak.

  28. I posted a similar question a minute ago, I should've waited lol. Definitely feels like the majority of players shouldn't expect to actually unlock the legendary character during these events

  29. Actually, I think Jain Zar is very doable for dolphins. I've spent 200 dollars on the game and can do it pretty comfortably next time it comes around.

  30. I'm talking about in one go though, the first try. I don't think most players can do it. The second time around I feel fairly comfortable that I could as well. I just think players need to understand just how difficult it really is, even for people putting money into the game.

  31. Question: if I save up my requisition orders can I ten pull with them or only with Blackstone.

  32. There was a reddit post on this sub not too long ago that showed saving up for 10 pulls is better than individually pulling. Your average rewards for resources and stuff are considerably higher when you 10 pull

  33. That is common knowledge, and a bad pull is a bad pull. A bad system is still a bad system at its core, no matter.

  34. No I agree, just saying it's still better to 10 pull than not

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