1. I can tell we both have different standards. I for one don’t like the idea of waking next to toads

  2. I'm sure there will people in here claiming this is bullshit. This sub is full of Klutch employees and people that act like smoking Klutch makes you one of the cool kids from high school.

  3. I personally only buy their orange 43 and I’ve never had my problems. Not gonna stop buying that, but these posts certainly lmk what not to buy haha

  4. People need to be really careful. These candidates are losing by razor thin margins. We don’t need to get cocky And complacent.

  5. As the younger people get older and become able to vote, the odds of them winning will keep shrinking. Gen z is the reason there wasn’t a red wave at the midterms this year

  6. mad sounds underrate or whatever

  7. L. Even if ur not circumcised, you don’t have nearly as big of a secret flesh pocket for drugs and other miscellaneous items

  8. My bean just sprouted, can’t wait to get that golden egg. Hyped for you bro!

  9. Well, the boat was a 32' sailboat, and i was a kid which I'm sure colors my experience. We had a functional living space of around 200sf for a family of three. It was also in the PNW, so ten months a year of chilly drizzle (there was no fire season there when I was a kid, and summer didn't start until after the 4th of July) which made it hard and/or fairly miserable to be outside a lot. I spent the vast majority of my childhood curled up in the v-berth reading, which gave me vision problems and affected my physical development due to lack of exercise. The galley was too small for me to learn any kind of kitchen skills from my mom. There was nowhere for me to have friends over to play. Using the semi-public marina showers was No Fun as a young girl and even less fun as a teen, I had a number of very uncomfortable experiences and had to have my mom come with me to the showers until I moved out on my own (I will never take for granted a bathroom shared only with my family!) In winter, my hair would freeze walking from the showers back down the dock to the boat in the morning before school. We had an icebox, no fridge or freezer, and only enough space to store a few days' food at a time unless it was long-life stuff like boxed milk and rice.

  10. That bathroom thing is too real. I’ve never lived on a boat but just sharing a shower with the people in my dorm made me wish I was back home with a more private bathroom lmao

  11. 100% not a Xanax overdose, you’d need to take several bottles of full strength prescriptions for that.

  12. Nah fam, don’t be supporting them. These are the dudes that don’t want homegrow to be legal so they can keep making money

  13. Bruh, what are you carrying one of those for in 2022? All our credit cards can be on your phone.

  14. Local man uses abstract ideas to admit he wouldn’t survive 2 days in the wilderness

  15. We live in the future bro, that’s exactly what it is. We’ve got little boxes where we can press a button and cook food instantly like those old 80’s sci-fi films. We got handheld communicators just like ones from Star Trek. The future is now bro

  16. Anything with Lemon in the name is almost guaranteed to have it. Also most MAC strains I’ve seen have had it In the primary listing

  17. I heard a drummer say one time "I dont like playing jazz because you're not aloud to be the loudest person" and I think about that to this day. Some people just want to make noise and be the loudest I guess. Not just talking about jazz music, of course.

  18. Dude I don’t fucking care, post actual issues instead of hot Twitter takes for karma. 80% of this sub seems more and more like high schoolers who just don’t wanna work

  19. Hi, I’m a stranger on the internet. I could say the same to you ya little angry guy! Although judging by your reaction, I’m willing to bet good money that you’re a part of the 80% I previously mentioned

  20. “I think you’re a total piece of shit and would proudly take the dishonorable discharge to beat your ass if there weren’t more important problems than you”

  21. That’s true. Personally I actually quite like the sound of the SBR cymbals. Is it not ok if I just have both

  22. Oh no dude, totally cool. Play whatever sounds good to you! The SBR’s were my first set of cymbals and they were absolutely great compared to what came with the kit! My school however had the HCS’s and I was like “hoooooooly shit this is great”.

  23. Listen man I understand the budget, but swap out those cymbals for some meinl HCS’s. Still budget brass cymbals, but having played both i MUCH prefer the meinl’s

  24. It’s cuz we CAN respawn bro. Wait till you find out your POV will never end and you will eternally be conscious. You’ll get it one day

  25. Dang bro, considering you know more on the topic, you’d think you’d also know how to not be a passive-aggressive twerp

  26. Considering it's percentage when I'm legally allowed to grow and if I do it good it'll be some top shelf stuff. I have some others from a different strain that I'd love to cross with it too.

  27. Well yeah, but you don’t have to let them know you’re growing anything...

  28. There's ways they get an idea that people are growing. Electricity bills rising is one I've heard a lot. K9 units. There's plenty ways to get caught without letting anyone know. Just isn't worth the risk for me, that's a good way to lose your home and everything else you own.

  29. Dang that’s rough, in Painesville where I’m located the K-9 unit was disqualified for marijuana cuz they couldn’t tell the difference from legal hemp. But also, unless you’re growing 20+ plants and using HID or HPS lights, you shouldn’t have a noticeable increase in utilities when growing 5 plants with LED’s.

  30. pm me and i’ll send you the correct IR responses for his tones, he completely butchered the tones he released

  31. I thought we were all overestimating human minds? We somehow think our ability to feel and to play and to interact with the environment are so very unique, but increasingly they're turning out to be far more basic functions.

  32. I thought the thing that sets us apart was being able to communicate and use technology, not basic symptoms of life

  33. No actually, I already used the words I was looking for, but if you need to sum it up with one word then you go right ahead! Thanks!

  34. “private story” and not many ppl screenshotted them only the person i mentioned and one other person also its j limited to ppl ik personally irl

  35. The only thing private about a private story is the fact that you can choose who’s added to it. Your privacy is virtually thrown out the window as soon as you post it to Snapchat. Read the terms of service next time

  36. Talent is just pursued interest. Those drummers that have crazy skill have genuinely been playing all day everyday for the majority of their careers, to the point where they can make it look effortless. Whether or not they had “creativity” was beside the point. As long as you’re passionate about it (which it seems like you are) and you put the time aside to practice, you WILL get better. Even if it’s just 15 minutes a day, PRACTICE EVERY DAY so that it gets drilled into your mind. Eventually make it 30 minutes a day, and then two 30-minute sessions a day, and then two 1-hour sessions a day, etc etc... You’ll be a rock star in no time

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