I posted Chevys pictures earlier and just wanted to thank everyone for the kind words. I'm posting a few more for the people who think his smile is photo shopped. He was just a happy little guy who never had a bad day. He was our little Instagram star. @chevysmiles.

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  1. Hello! Sorry for long post, but here's 3 sets that you can use!

  2. Excited to see the results! Keep us updated OP.

  3. Got the deets? Headed to Jacó in two days.

  4. Thanks, appreciate it! I’m planning to use it plugged in the vast majority of the time so would prioritize performance > battery life, but do care about cooling…and price lol, haven’t seen a 3070ti/12700h anywhere in this price range recently

  5. It looks like the Dell has a 240 hz screen. Unless I'm missing something.

  6. Can I ask, does their calendar start on a Monday for you and end on a Sunday?

  7. For me the calendar starts on sunday. The Motown on mondays is a popular event that happens elsewhere in SF. They are also doing it on saturdays at local edition now. The event on monday is a jazz night with a swing band.


  9. I changed my mind I’m actually trying to find a trampoline gym/park

  10. In Denver I got nothing. Apex parkour gym in Louisville is one of my favorite places on earth tho. They might have one in Denver but I haven't been.

  11. If it’s brown lay down, if it’s black fight back! Black bears kill more people than grizzlies if I’m not mistaken. Only because black bears highly outnumber brown bears

  12. No. Just straight up wrong. Black bears almost never kill people.

  13. They usually will. Just pop in and out a lot, just be persistent. Looks like the the 6800s model is 1046$ as open box - excellent near me (michigan), cheaper than the 6700s.

  14. Yeah I tried to buy that exact one for 1046 but the order got canceled twice. I'm gonna just keep trying.

  15. keep at it op, personally it'd be between this and the strix advantage edition with the 6800m. 15.6" 2k 165hz, same price range (1000-1100). Best of luck!

  16. Thanks! I'm really trying to get the 14" because I spend an absurd amount of time traveling for work. I have a 15.6 right now and it feels massive at times. Admittedly it's quite old.

  17. Well OP as a 30s M in Boulder finding someone to go to dance classes with is exactly what I'm looking for. I travel too much for work and it already seems like you've made the decision to move, but wanted to let you know we're out here. Also want to say the nightlife in Boulder is in a bit of a slump. There were a lot more places to see live music and go out before covid.

  18. Alright. At first, I was like, maybe OP really was interested in the bat, but since you had that link ready to go I now know the interesting thing to you is the bat dick.

  19. You do realize OP did not link that gif right?

  20. There could be alot of reasons Check all these :-

  21. Legitimately any skilled trade. People seriously misunderstand how much a skilled tradesman gets theses days.

  22. Looks like you made a mistake way before hitting the bush. What happened?

  23. Ty op! This is the true moisture dcj has been lack recently. Namoiste!

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