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  1. There’s always scenarios and if to u knowing their history and Ross ending it will Julie immediately after before anything else even happened is cheating…. Then ok it’s cheating and no one hates or just loves to hate Ross. Your right, I’m wrong👍

  2. Joey's the only one of the guys who didn't cheat right? The Chan man fooled around with Joey's GF as well. Can't recall Joey being unfaithful.

  3. Fooling around with someone else's girlfriend makes you a home wrecker not a cheater. Still immoral but not the same as being a cheater.

  4. Just so you know it's either "how it feels" or "what it feels like". You don't use "like" when you use "how".

  5. Overwolf doesn't use officially provided and supported APIs. And macros are also banned despite them not scraping any memory.

  6. Hm, yes, you're right, I didn't realize that gamestate integration was a thing (although it is undocumented and could not strictly be seen as official). If that's the case then sure, fine, I'll install Overwolf and use it. Always wanted to get some draft advantage in my games (I'm very trash drafter / player). That also means it's fair game to use in official tournaments, right? Pro players (or semi-pros) are using it in tournaments without getting banned? Or are the rules there stricter wrt third party software?

  7. Tournaments have stricter rules. I don't know about online tournaments but for LANs teams do their own research and basically bring in paper versions of the same information. They know a lot more about enemy drafts than overwolf does, because it's actual teams not just individual players.

  8. Check his history for the terms "ugly" or "disgusting". Notice how its always about a black person, usually an actor or actress (but sometimes sports), and often children and youll understand why he says that.

  9. If stickers are still usable after ti ends but the voice line isn't purchasable directly, they could go back up some, but probably not enough to recoup the losses before the game dies

  10. Yea but broke people gotta pretend people are wanking to it for the 3 seconds it shows super tiny on versus screen, not the voice line that tilts the fuck out of people for free wins and fun. Circlejerkers gotta get off too ya know.

  11. He hasn't even learned all the heroes abilities yet, dude. And frankly a lot of the coaching i saw was absolute trash because it was focused on the wrong things for someone learning the basics or not playing in high mmr.

  12. all of them coached him the wrong way ?

  13. ^ Literally the shittiest defense for a crappy gambling mechanic I’ve ever read.

  14. Its not a defense of it. He's pointing out you don't have to gamble if you don't want to. Pointing out the existence of other options isn't a fucking defense of anything.

  15. Yes because spending $500, none of which now goes to the talent which was supposed to be the draw in the first place, is “an option”.

  16. Jesus christ, why does every idiot have to reply to someone correcting the LIE that you cant get it without gambling with pretending correcting the misinformation is a defense of the gambling?

  17. They say its PERMANENT in the blog. But, why do I have to gamble for it?

  18. Yesssss thissssss!!!! Go buy it on the market so you can ensure none of your money goes to those filthy money grubbing talent and only goes into the saintly pockets of our lord and savior Gaben. Go spend $500 on the market to ensure you get the voice line you want and prevent those scummy communist casters from seeing a single penny of it. That’ll show them.

  19. Jesus christ, why does every idiot have to reply to someone correcting the LIE that you cant get it without gambling with pretending correcting the misinformation is a defense of the gambling?

  20. You can stick them on heroes for the versus screen but they're basically useless.

  21. On the matter of this post, we know. There are a bunch of other posts on it. You can reply to those. We don't need even more if these low effort "gambling bad" posts flooding the sub.

  22. Yeah. Because if you are paying money you should definitely get a random voice line from a random talent.

  23. Dude, OP claimed "people will just buy it from market". The guy is pointing out the ones on market have to come from somewhere. Which means someone else bought the stickers.

  24. Evenly distribute the money? For what? A bunch of half-assed lines that most of the talent barely put two minutes thought into? It's not my fault a few talent members lines were objectively better than the others.

  25. Pretty funny comment considering the most popular voice line, epheys laugh, was just what someone told her to do because she didn't have any ideas.

  26. Piggy backing on the top comment to say as an answer to one of Kyle's questions:

  27. Average in the most useless sense. Everyone has a decent understanding of what someone means when they say average. I think for 99% of conversations you would only include the sample size of those who have made it to yellow/red maps.

  28. I don't think true casuals are even on reddit tbh. Those reddit threads exist in a weird limbo between "I want to be good and do good content" and "I don't want to put in the effort or play the build".

  29. The irony. You literally don't understand that you expose yourself for having the most stupid approach to the shit ever.

  30. Lol imagine riding someones cock so hard you think "someone who contradicts themself cannot be taken at what they say just because they said so" is a stupid take, and it being mitch if all people.

  31. Yea, what reason would they have? Its not like it has more eyes on their product, and it's not like a company ever pays for product placement. Also it's not like it would get them brought up in unrelated posts.

  32. Its completed but that doesnt mean I understood wtf was doing.

  33. Doesnt matter. Youre new, not casual. 3 hours a day is not casual. There are multiple tell tale signs in your post besides that

  34. ok tell me how an auction house is different than how poe trade works right now. it's pretty easy to buy anything really.

  35. Friction. Read the manifesto for fucks sake. Either youre being wilfully ignorant or understanding of why things are done this way is literally beyond you. Either way its not worth my time spelling out something thats already been spelled put repeatedly.

  36. you wrote about as much as it takes to explain it. refusing to explain is just an excuse, i dont think you understand what you're talking about. there is virtually no friction now with the trade system. it's very easy to buy and sell anything. it takes a few clicks to sell. the search system is highly detailed and i can find what other people sell for for any stat. that is an auction house with 5 extra minutes to trade. 5 minutes doesnt mean shit when it takes like 30min to 1hr to decide which one to buy in the first place.

  37. I've donated over 10% of my net income effectively actually 😅

  38. Unless 90% of your income is necessities that means you're still a hypocrite. Better still be rocking the base 4 stash tabs.

  39. lol yeah that $30 can buy much more valuable things for other people than a different armour skin in a game.

  40. I'm sure you have literally no luxuries in your life, right? Go away, no one is impressed by your posturing, hypocrite.

  41. PoE might be the only game where playing 3 hours daily is considered casual

  42. Its only considered casual on reddit, and makes me think this post is fake. It the guy really had his perceptions ruined by looking at out of game shit way too much.

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