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That's a little funny

  1. No that's really not how it should be done. That is less your fault than the people claiming to be professionals who have been doing it, but you definitely should have done a little research before hand. Deadstretching is the best way to go (overall) but with cartilage especially because its far less forgiving than regular skin. Ideally you want to wait 6-8 months between stretches, depending on how slowly you heal. You are probably going to want/need to use half sizes from this point on, the jump from 8g-6g is almost definitely the biggest one you will have made at this point, (1mm) and to be perfectly honest nobody should be trying to make more than a 1mm jump at a time. If youre having trouble make it as simple as possible for yourself, and just go a half mm at a time. I think most people, (myself included) prefer to use titanium or steel rings for their septums. Glass is hands down the best material to stretch with but Ive always just preferred a captured ring, for a few reasons, but mainly because they are heavy enough to slowly stretch your piercing for you. The bigger you go the more applicable that will become. Done right stacking can also help a bit, but that is its own thing entirely and works differently than rather stretching, would not recommend trying it without doing a fair bit of research into how its done and why its done that way. Will never miss an opportunity to recommend Lynn Loheide's channel/website as its an absolute gold mine of information you may or may not already know. Just take your time, stay away from tape and tapers. Dont stretch with silicone, horn, bone, stone or any porous material, those are for healed piercings only. Dont use any metal that you arent 100 percent sure is high quality and wont cause a reaction because the last thing you want is an infected septum from something simple like that. Hopefully this helps to some degree and doesnt come off as obnoxious, if I missed anything or you have other questions feel free to ask and best of luck.

  2. Lemon Dosidos - BR - Plain old Dosidos - BR... Both are way better.. Cherry Dosidos - Meigs, also better..

  3. I got my terpometer a few weeks ago and I fucking love it, so much better than a temp gun

  4. I just got mine and I love it so much, but I am already a huge fan of the civivi elementum

  5. So you leave your banger in iso and then just dry it off for the next dab? I was thinking about doing this but wasn’t sure if there was any negative effects that would happen to the banger

  6. Dynavap was a game changer for me. Haven't smoked flower since making the switch. Sticky Bricks are also awesome. Also a butane powered vape, but you can get desktop level performance.

  7. I've really enjoyed seeing these attempts go down and the final product looks great

  8. You're definitely right man. For some reason I was staring at it and couldn't put it together.

  9. If you make that ricasso just a little shorter you could get around 3" laws

  10. My job is making thermocouples and I use one of those everyday, except the ones we have are orange

  11. Cool name, I have one that I pretty much finished and in my opinion. as someone with a high tolerance, it was just okay

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