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  1. We literally have master smiths and the ability to fabricate items out of thin air....we should be able to craft any weapon or armor that we've got the plans for.

  2. Apologies to anyone that's already stated this (I'm too lazy to read all the comments) but I doubt they want to lose customers that are on last gen.

  3. If you are running void, you can do things to have invisibility nearly constantly. The high res is great, but you shouldn't get hit much if you are invisible.

  4. You can pair assassins cowl with arc and it works way better. A shotgun with 1-2 punch helps out a lot with this build. And obviously arc weapons

  5. Been using this and I just keep coming back to it. Tried the gyrfalcons with the update and it was fun with a sword but, man, that arc punch build is too dang good and fun

  6. Nope. It's definitely an issue. All I've gotten are helmets and arms. Another in my fire team has only gotten chest and boots. My 3rd buddy at least got a couple of the weapons but he also only got helmet and arms.

  7. Malfeasance with Lucky Pants is stellar. Does way more damage than an average special weapon, I laugh at folks who think this isn't good.

  8. I do believe I will try this out tonight. I haven't touched Malfeasance in a long time...

  9. Its too bad that hunters don't have Poncho as an chest piece waist of opportunity tbh in my opinion.

  10. I'm using the GL one with Witherhoard. Working great. But yeah, 7 energy is rough.

  11. Agreed. That 7 cost is a hard pill to swallow....but I'm using it because I like my forbearance

  12. Any of the D1 emblems that carried over to D2. Particularly, though, I like First Wave for D2 specific.

  13. Depends on what you considered bad and how long ago it was that you played. I quit for a while and then came back just before Witch Queen and the game, in my opinion, is in a great state.

  14. I'm actually not a fan of the red border system at all for this very reason. I feel like we should just bring back weapon parts, take them to Banshee (he is the smith after all...) and he can tweak and craft our guns for us.

  15. Spider pocketed all the coins....those workers still don't have the parts they need to fix it.

  16. I am not familiar with just how narrow and deep this area gets, but I've certainly been in mountainous areas where it was rare to get a solid satellite signal. That was even with a dedicated Garmin satellite device with an SOS button. If rocky terrain is blocking out most of the sky, the odds of having a straight shot at a satellite go way down.

  17. Never done the whole thing but I've been there twice on more "casual" of a hike with my wife. There are areas where it's sheer rock straight up both sides. Depending on where you are, I imagine there is no chance of a signal

  18. Take it to a librarian. They are masters in research and, when one can't find the answer, they group up. Never underestimate the power of a research librarian

  19. Don't get why so many scared to lose rank. It resets in a month anyways. Try new decks; also you don't have to gamble 4 cubes ever game.

  20. Is there even a point to be concerned about your amount of cubes? What's the big deal if that level goes up or down?

  21. Because there is rewards every 10 levels you get. So generally you want to win more often than lose

  22. I was about to say something regarding using a more visible and reminder-friendly method but then I realized you are trying to teach them about managing the money and expenses.

  23. I feel your pain. At one point I also hated him. My crew and I called him The Ruiner. Now I look back with fond memories and I actually think it's great how he can mess with hunters so much

  24. I just picked up the $1 pack in the store but I don't see where to claim her. Is there a special screen?

  25. I run a almost 100% Greek mythology deck. I don't use Shin, yellow jacket, eros, pika or turtle. I'm currently in 40th place in dragon league.

  26. Would you mind sharing your deck? Highest I've ever been able to get is gladiator and that feels like it was lucky. I usually end up around Cobra.

  27. Never made it past gladiator. But I play to have fun anyway.

  28. Shinigami is a game changer. Solenodon is really nice this week too.

  29. Is there a decent sub for shini if you don't have one?

  30. Nothing really comes close to shini's debuff. There are a few that are ok, but most are very valuable cards. Chronophotographic gun (limleg) is probably the closest with a -100 point debuff. Grim Reaper (mythic), Eye of Providence (limleg), and Mycoplasma(LimRare) do a 40-50 permanent debuff.

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