1. Those creepy fucks have been tracking my wife down for years. No matter where we move. We’ve lived in 3 states over the last 12 years and they’ve showed up in each looking for her.

  2. How do we know these aren’t the fake accounts he was bitching about right before he was forced to go through with the purchase? Sounds fishy to me

  3. They will do exactly what they did last time. Blast him every chance they get saying he’s unfit and a danger to the country, then bend the knee the second he secures the nomination. They are only vocal now because they think there is a chance he won’t get it, but once/if he does they will be 100% on the trump train.

  4. That would certainly be my guess from the pictures. Hard to say with any certainty but I’d say it’s close enough to call.

  5. US republicans will pass this off as a regular cost of war, but lose their minds if a 10 year old wants to abort the 5 week old embryo her father impregnated her with.

  6. Not high, but the items listed are maintenance items that don’t absolutely have to be done. I’d do the tire rotation, but the rest would depend on how many miles it has and if I had any problems.

  7. I have to test everything in these, my old job they'd fire people for touching anything in the police cars lol.

  8. One of our techs decided to remove the shotgun mounted to the roof to check it out. About 20 minutes later we had 5 cop cars on the lot

  9. Fitting since a shadow is all that’s left of the ideals it represented.

  10. Are the blink cameras wifi cameras? Do you have them set-up close to your home? I've pondered this idea using starlink when available instead of paying the pricey subscriptions for having multiple cell cams.

  11. We just got an outdoor wifi extender that covers most of our property. It surprises me how far out you can get the cameras. We have about 10 acres and I’d say 8 are covered.

  12. Deer that was limping was probably hit by a car. You find a freshly killed deer on your property you find the person who shot it and get it back to them. If you can’t find them then take the deer for yourself so it doesn’t go to waste

  13. Exactly, I don’t want it to go to waste. I would dress it myself if I thought I wouldn’t get in trouble for it, but I don’t know. I walked the property and didn’t find him so now it’s purely hypothetical. If by chance it does happen I’ll call dnr and ask them how to proceed.

  14. OP, maybe you can clarify this for me, you feed the deer on your property, which you say is legal up to 10 days prior to the season. So if you are complying with the law, then how would you get trouble for baiting?

  15. You can feed deer at any time of the year, it’s not really a deadline. You just can’t hunt in an area where they have been fed within the last ten days. I was just curious what dnr might say about it if this scenario played out. Wasn’t expecting all the negativity. It’s not like I’m against hunting, I just don’t hunt anymore myself.

  16. Years of putting up with Urkle’s shit will do that to you.

  17. Avoid the traverse and enclave. Can’t speak to the others, but those two have a lot of expensive problems. Our dealership wholesales most of em that get traded in because they need so much work.

  18. I graduated high school in 2014, and even back then I used mechanical pencils almost all through out my education. No teacher ever said I couldn't use them, so I'm not sure what you're talking about. If that's the case with your kids, then that's their school's problem, since I can't think of a single good reason to use wooden pencils over mechanical ones. Also, you're the one who made a "stupid comment" by calling someone an edge lord rather than actually explaining your disagreement like you're forced to do now.

  19. So “imagine using a wooden pencil in 2022” when wooden pencils are a requirement for k-12 schools doesn’t sound dickish to you? Just sounds like an ass clown to me.

  20. Nope, I was just expressing the pointlessness of wooden pencils in a joking way, which you for some reason took personally. And like I said, they have never been a requirement for me, so clearly I wasn't trying to put down kids who are forced to use them. If you want, change my first comment in your head to "imagine forcing kids to use wooden pencils in 2022".

  21. Just sounded entitled to me, and it seems like the populace agrees 🤷🏻‍♂️

  22. NTA- it’s not your responsibility to recruit more women to be subjected to the things your employer has been made aware of but ignores. Tell them you feel it is unethical for you to coerce promising young women to crawl down into the gutter with you.

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