1. Ehh, Somewhat. anything between 4-8 inches is perfect. Anything less and I’m not into it. Anything bigger and I won’t want it anywhere near me

  2. Used to but now I feel jusy give one responses and feel them out first to see if they actually want to genuinely know & understand or just argue with me about why they understand my orientation better than I do then proceed to tell me I’m gay

  3. Bad kissers. Sadly too many guys are god awful kissers, and I never want to see them again. It’s always a pleasant surprise when someone is an amazing kisser and they go on the ‘see again’ list.

  4. Just for improvement sake, what are your top 5 things that categorize someone as a “bad” kisser??

  5. That’s how the insole of my bauers fit. The feel snug and my toe jusy grazes the front cap. I’d say if it feels snug without feeling like your toes are crammed up against the front then it’s a good fit

  6. Yes but you have to actually put in the hours at the gym as well

  7. I understand that, I definitely like guys and have only been with guys but I’m definitely interested in trying straight sex at least once before I die lol. I feel like it would feel amazing and I would probably climax really easy if I tried but I just typically get turned on by guys

  8. 10/10 would recommend. Pussy, unlike nice warm ass, has an amazing internal texture that damn near milks the cum from your cock

  9. i am a bi-bottom and speaking for myself, my attraction to women is very different from my attraction to men. with a guy the main turn ons are his cock and him finding me sexually desirable. with women, i like almost everything about them when i find them attractive.

  10. Agree, though I’m a top and don’t mind being in some nice wet ass, The thing the attracts me to men are their cocks and balls. Everyone has an ass. Only men have hot sexy manly pieces of meat hanging between their legs

  11. I think it depends on what you mean by “luck.”

  12. Yes you can! These kinds of spaces are intended for ALL types of consensual sexual behavior regardless of whether it involves 1 or more people. You could go there and hump a wall and find atleast one other person would probably be into it

  13. Ngl, Thought that was a fancy glass dildo review for the first 10 seconds with no volume

  14. “… But doesn’t want to bother the women-folk”💀

  15. Try not to give her any more unwanted sexual attention. Grinding your dork on her and such, it's not good. If you start seriously thinking about doing creepy shit like filming her, stealing her underwear, etc., see a counselor. If she asks why, make up a reason other than "The hot, hot pussy that birthed me." As long as you can control yourself, try your best to pay attention to attainable girls, jack off as much as you need to and wait for puberty to end.

  16. “That hot, hot pussy that birthed me” DAWG😂😂😭💀⚰️

  17. No. NEVER deny how you’re feeling. Honor it, process it, let it go, then move on

  18. Go to the nearest gym, find an attractive man, and spend the rest of the day getting dicked down like it’s my last day on earth

  19. Liking anal play doesn’t automatically mean you have to be into Men now. You very well may be but don’t feel like you have sort of “force” it just because you like anal play. Experiment and just do what feels good

  20. And this is why I adopted a tease you until you show me sone results mindset when it comes to bathhousing.

  21. And this is why I adopted a tease you until you show me sone results mindset when it comes to bathhousing.

  22. Gay men tend to not hit on women.

  23. “… But white is a multiplier that multiplies my attraction”. Homie really speaks about his … situation like upgradeable stats in a video game💀

  24. How about you just say equally as gloriously perverted and be done with it. You're sounding kinda cynical/pessimistic/sexist (just a little bit)

  25. Thanks for the feedback but nah. I’ll say what I want. You have an amazing day

  26. Let’s all just agree that genitals( whichever make & model you prefer) are fucking amazing to the touch(and taste) and get along

  27. Bisexuals as usual with their "everyone is bi/fluid" bullshit...

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