1. Is the clue there that the burn is happening on the new growth and not what you'd expect from a normal fan lead fade? Trying to get my deficiencies/toxicities down by sight.

  2. It's more pronounced on the new growth but i see burnt tips all over the plant. A normal fade you'll see progress up the plant.



  5. You're going to need to add some sort of compost & or some worm castings for those dry ammendments to work. There's nothing in the coco +perlite to breakdown those ammendments. If you're trying to replicate Mr. Canucks style, then you missed the part of him adding a shit ton of worm castings to his Coco +perlite. Then he switched his base to a living soil blend.

  6. 2nd node working on 3rd.... can lst now but i would repot up to the cotyledons and lower or up my light intensity. She's growing stretchy

  7. Also any advice on growing these dudes in general would be much appreciated. I’ve only tried growing once before and It died just before it flowered.

  8. Nute burn.....continue with the plain ph adjusted water. Dark shiny leaves clawing under = N toxicity



  11. More than likely fungus gnats.... pretty common when running organics. Get some yellow sticky traps to catch the adults & help gauge the infestation. Then use mosquito bits to kill larvae in soil. You can also use Diatomaceous earth. Topdress a 1/8" to 1/4" layer on top of soil.

  12. In the 5 cycles i have under my belt I've noticed no need for a carbon filter until I'm flowering.

  13. I wasn't keeping it sealed up until it started to smell strong. I do have a carbon filter, just wasn't sure if everyone let's them run 24/7 or on and off with a timer. 🙂

  14. Should be running exhaust @ all times if you want no smell. Again, this is my experience, but I started to smell my plants within a few minutes of not running my exhaust.

  15. Until you get the lighting schedule sorted and stop the reveg, she'll never be ready to smoke.


  17. What would the "baseline" weight be if using that method? Would it be "dry weight" when I first put soil in the pot?

  18. Fill 2 pots with soil. Fully water 1 pot and then compare its weight to the other pot of soil that you didn't water.

  19. Don't let your plants sit in runoff water. Should dump runoff water out after 5-10min

  20. Scrub & rinse with plain hot water..... been using the same bags for 5 cycles now

  21. Thank you all I appreciate it! When you think you know every garden pest and have dealt with all of them a new one pops up 😂

  22. Springtails mean your soil is healthy.... they won't do any harm to your plants, so no need to do anything.



  25. Budget is indeed what dictates my cannabis purchases. Then again, I really should try to shift some budget toward a healthier concentrate.. considering its a medicine and thats what I use it for. I always thought maybe all the solvents used would fully evaporate but then again, maybe there’s residuals.. shit, for all I know, what I’m seeing could be residual solvent

  26. Think maybe it could possibly be lipids that didn't breakdown? Sometimes you get that with wax, shatters & some budders. Just a thought, i always assumed with the distillation process that things were pretty damn clean at the end.

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