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  1. Assuming the average lifespan of viltrumites is 5000 years, Mark would be 20/5000 or 0.4% of 5000 year old.

  2. I will find your secret and when I do you shall be no more.

  3. Wait a second……The worm symbol is centipede. Do you know what else is related to centipedes? God from OPM. Do you know what else has some spooky ass religious signs like God? The WORM. The connecter is connected to God confirmed. The Shen Wulong final form will be a big ass centipede threat level you were awesome.

  4. Fuck Ryuki with his bitch ass. Koga will no diff Ryuki and Kiryu will get his ass beaten by Ohma again.

  5. I dont mind him beeing off screen, i dont really like him nor his presence. That beeing said, hes definetely on the front lines skullfucking wus and worms

  6. Raian busy running around the world fucking everyone over.

  7. Ryuki is The Omega or The Last Child

  8. Nah I could tell no one continues that long without being a troll

  9. I could also tell you that you haven’t met enough trolls.

  10. I've met a lot I'm just bored out of my mind so I decided to indulge

  11. It's quite good ngl, no one to betray you

  12. It’s quite bad ngl you can’t use your friends for your own advantage.

  13. Put me in a sound insulated box, and while im there, for any outside observers, im in a state that is neither talking nor not talking.

  14. I already listed on why he is not a good YouTuber.

  15. That sounds soo good actually. You gotta put a little bit of hot sauce on the eggs too😉

  16. I’ve never tried hot sauce on eggs but fuck it, ima try it out once I get home.

  17. Scramble eggs with pepper and salt and with a cup of coffee with vanilla in it and with bacon on the side.

  18. No I don’t live in Vietnam also don’t bully me for my grammar but in a rush.

  19. You sure you don't look like a chinese? 1000 years of slavery means a lot of the Kinhs(which i assume you are) DNA mix up with the Chinese

  20. I do look Chineseish but they automatically assume I’m Chinese. Also I ain’t Chinese. The only blood in me is Vietnamese, Scottish, and Irish.

  21. i try but yea, you know some may or may have not kinda thought i was flirting with them (because of some assuming i may be lesbian due to how i act and move) and think bad about me because im kind of weird-quiet-somehowmanly , and btw im more of a buff-kind-of-chubby-girl tho, so like id just say im a large or kind of huge 5'4 girl

  22. Buff girls are 💯 you should try to open up more to people to people so they get a better understanding of you.

  23. But if it’s catchy and sounds good, wouldn’t you get bored of it quicker since there’s nothing to come back to and analyze?

  24. Here’s the thing I don’t analyze music. I just listen to music well for music lmao.

  25. Catchy. Music with meaning to it is nice but no one would give 2 shits about it if it’s a bad song.

  26. Two posts talking about the same guy? Interesting!

  27. Ok I’m back and I read your arguments. First off I’m 99.9 Percent sure that Kengan characters are bullet timers. Everytime when someone dodges a bullet, some of y’all always think it’s Foresight or they moved before the bulled was fired. Also the tongue demon didn’t keep up with Kyogai, he attacked Kyogai from behind and that doesn’t mean jackshit. On top of that the katana of demon slayers can be broken with fucking rocks. Remember when the demon slayer with the boar hat breaking the blade with a rock? Lmao. And don’t say Zenitsu is lighting speed please that’s just more wanking. Both Rei and Zenitsu are at least hypersonic. Rei wins mid diff. Further more Rei can tank multiple attacks that can be building level or multi building block level.

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