1. Now what are the odds we posted almost at the same time

  2. Probably about 1/4096 😉 (seriously tho good luck on your hunt)

  3. My PS4 slowly became laggy over the 2 years i had it and now it connects to the internet for 2 seconds and is unusable is there a way to fix the internet not wanting to connect?

  4. This also happens to me let me know if you get an answer

  5. To add to this when I turned it on to check the battery it says it's charging instead of the percentage

  6. Please i need some kind of answer they won't get back to me

  7. I just got a Scavenger 2.0 and it’s fantastic for the money

  8. Did you have problems with it charging? Mine says charging complete when I plug it in but it's dead

  9. Nope. No problems. Did you contact IW?

  10. Game didn’t save I logged off to get some food and lost all my progress today

  11. Oh wow. If you want help flying past some bosses let me know

  12. It’s cool I core be arsed to play now i was level 99 and now back to 78 fucking piss take lol

  13. Baby shotgun damage why does my explosive double barrel with 148 damage do so little

  14. I'm guessing you play via gamepass? Try contacting support. They could at least refund you.

  15. Not sure, but you may be able to utilize smart delivery. Try loading it on your pc.

  16. I cancelled the subscription idk how to get it to work

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