1. I don’t think that is possible. It then needs to be ordered for all companies that they aren’t allowed to share. Just picking one or a handful will lead to more noise than the sec would like

  2. Hiya! I myself came up with a reading order a while ago. Yours is very close, but I'll offer a few corrections.

  3. Hey thanks for sharing your reading order. It’s put well together and also makes sense. I would say as long as some issues stay close together it may not matter which comes first. I also agree on not cutting of a storyline #261/262 cause it would make sense to finish it before moving on with other issues. I was surprised and confused by finding it in the books this way.

  4. Venom has always been venom the series venom first host (I believe is the name) goes over that. But I get what you mean.

  5. Also Fantastic Four 274 can go somewhere around TASM 258 I believe. The symbiote escapes Reed’s lab at the end

  6. Yeah, you are right. This is a small section in FF 274 (epilogue). A similar part is also in The Amazing Spider-Man 261.

  7. Also the recent 3 Symbiote Spider-Man books can fit in during I believe ASM 257, there's a point in the issue where it says "some time later" and that's when you would read the newer books.

  8. I LOVE secret wars (and the incursions leading up to it)

  9. Whatever you do, keep them out of the sunlight. Good find.

  10. It wasn’t that easy to find a complete set in good condition in Germany. I’m really excited about this set. I really enjoyed the whole story when I read it on marvel unlimited and wanted to have the original comics.

  11. The greatest financial system the world has ever seen.

  12. Im waiting for this to play out and then they won’t see any money from me ever again. Never ever gonna invest in stocks if I can’t win when it’s my time to win. Fuck them!

  13. If I’m not mistaken they are still allowed to short a stock if it’s on a downtrend?! Not sure, I think if read something like this somewhere

  14. Pressure is building, the people will only take so much. Just gotta wait until the general masses educate themselves.

  15. This education can take 100reds of years 🤣 because 95% don’t give a fuck. 4% are educated and on a rage and the 1% just ignores shit because they are the 1%

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