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  1. The thought of this makes me scared. All I keep thinking about is people on High State after OSU games. Drunk and armed is NEVER a good combination.

  2. And you can't carry without a permit - but people are going to do what they are going to do.

  3. That's true in any shooting. Know your target and what's behind it. Critical for various reasons. If you aren't sure what's behind or if you cant make shot, don't take it.

  4. Totally agree, but we are about to add people who have a gun b/c it's cool or makes them look tough. I don't trust them to handle it well or have the skill set to make their target. And agree on the police thing.

  5. Local places. Even if it's a chain, bit one that you can't get at home, at least you are trying something new. If it's not a chain, it's good to get a different take on things. Like pizza can vary wildly from area to area.

  6. That's my thought - but someone I travel with always wants to "play it safe" - so I'm trying to prove that most people try local, love it and don't get food poisoning!

  7. When I went to India for a couple of work trips, I went to all sorts of places. Mostly local chains, or popular restaurants, but even other places that would be more considered to be a dive bar, and through all of them I never had an issue, but got to try somethings I might never have known about

  8. Honestly, might come down to another ballot initiative that takes the power of redistricting away from politicians and into the hands of an independent group.

  9. At this point - it might be worth it - at least it would be a more honest process!

  10. And if you get discouraged, they win. They get their biased maps so they can rule with supermajority and you're too tired to fight back, and maybe check out of voting so they won't have to worry about you voting against them.

  11. That's a sad way to win a race, but I think it has become a tactic for many. I'd rather have people interested in winning on the merits, but that seems to become the last thing they want to do.

  12. I challenge you to start an upvote comment train

  13. It is a good way to get candidates who appeal to the broader community - not just the extremes of both parties. It works well in California!

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