$48.2 Million Q4 2022 Profit

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  1. And I shouldn't be the guy because I didn't split-adjust the volume. Totally unqualified.

  2. It actually is split adjusted. First steps are the hardest. You'll learn. Now get back to designing your template.

  3. It’s entirely a cash grab for their executives to loot stupid retail investors. Every initiative they have is blatantly tailored to scamming investors with no actual attempt at long term business health.

  4. A stock only goes to 0 of the company goes bankrupt. Stop reading WSB and Superstonk and read something useful lol.

  5. Ehh... it doesn't go to literal 0 even then. It just gets delisted.

  6. This is much more than a single game partner - and I think this video sums up why. This is about creating the new home for Web3 games and adding *hundreds* of games. It's by far the most significant announcement we've shared - I'm going to be diving into the details in a community AMA tomorrow.

  7. I will use the opportunity that I found this topic early and ask few hard questions that are often asked outside of our precious bubble (in a much more hostile fashion): why would anyone want to use this tech? And more importantly, when can we see a use case that will answer this question through “it’s better to show than tell”? And lastly (and importantly for us) when can we expect to see such a use case in a game recognizable to a gamer that is not following crypo/nft/niche scene?

  8. Eh.. technically one profitable quarter doesn’t make it a profitable company. I know I’m a party pooper but I’m looking at ah movement as excited as everyone.

  9. Same, I have a shit ton of shares, and people need to see their inventory went down $300 million and cash on hand went up $300 million, so Gamestop decided to sell stuff and not refill(spend), which shows up as profit.

  10. Nah. That’s where cash flow comes from. Profit is profit though. My point was that one q of profit against three at a loss don’t add up to a profitable company.

  11. Trading is tough game. You need a plan. There is no shame in taking profits even if even mentioning it here will get you downvotes. As long as you have a plan that will make you satisfied no matter the final outcome, it’s all good. Personally I have some shares that I will sell on the way up. I have some shares that I will sell for big numbers. And I have some shares that I will hold for a decade or two.

  12. In theory yes. In practice no. When you have to close a position, especially a big one, you need liquidity like an air to breathe. On the stock market you only get it during open trading hours.

  13. that's the GME way, fomo in after the spike and then cry about crime and hedgies on the way down. I hear it's fun.

  14. This time might be different. This time there actually is a reason for the shorts to consider looking for the exit.

  15. If the price holds, next week will be even better.

  16. Abbiamo una rakieta. Non so how you say rocket in Italian nor how to finish this sentence in it.

  17. gold is valuable because it's rare, and takes work to increase its supply. all of gold's applications can be substituted with another material, and often the substitute is superior. if you value commodities based on their application, the air you breathe would be the most expensive substance on the planet, yet it's free.

  18. Gold is valuable because there is a literal millennia long tradition of value being attached to it. Gold is timeless. That’s why I laugh when I hear crypto bros shout btc is the new gold - go to India and explain their people that they should abandon hoarding golden jewelry and replace it with a digital asset that is few years old. Gold is not going anywhere and there is no need to replace it.

  19. Well, suppressing the price would make accumulating it easier. It's been a known thing for a while, ESPECIALLY silver prices.

  20. Silver is a very strange beast. When I buy physical gold I pay up to 10% markup above market value. Silver can get up to 100%. Part of this is that silver is cheaper and the costs to mint it is the same but I wonder how much of the difference is actual low availability.

  21. Do you know what you’re talking about? The deal put investors ahead of debt holders. If I’m not mistaken it’s the first time in history.

  22. They had a countdown which featured an Apple logo, Bungie logo, EA logo, and the announcement was just a new COO. What a letdown

  23. Wow. This is bad. Like, really bad. It shows how desperate they are for attention with nothing to justify people to give it. I hope immX has anything to show...

  24. I'm asking about m3 money supply, what is counted. Mutual funds are part of the m2 so some assets do count, m3 includes "less liquid assets" and idk wtf that means what assets are too illiquid to count.

  25. You look at money and AUM looks at valuation. AUM may include assets counted in any level of money supply, but it will also include a bag of shit if it is considered and asset and is managed by BR.

  26. Well I've gone off topic from the post as op was referring to M0 and i was just curious what assets are excluded from the M3 calculation. But in searching for an answer that i never found i did find that nobody uses m3 any more it's just posted because ig. Anyway thanks for your help

  27. Well, I am happy that I helped even though I’m not sure how.

  28. avoid the noids in the replies. Anyone who gets “hyped” and then immediately disappointed is just goofy. Like these businesses owe you anything…GME isn’t even the only game in town for them either.

  29. They actually do. By law. You’re the owner not a client that can choose to shop elsewhere. I don’t get the mindset that is repeated here that they owe us nothing. They owe us fiduciary duty at the very least.

  30. No, this chart shows that market thinks they’re fucked.

  31. Oh yeah, facebook boomer humour for americans with polish hetritage

  32. My post was removed earlier in the week for “misinformation” when I said the FDIC didn’t have enough to cover the whole thing

  33. Makes you wonder what actually stands behind the CFA acronym..

  34. If someone offered me this much I would probably take it!


  36. Thanks! Though the tweet talks about shares borrowed, not the rate. Maybe a mistake of the guy that tweeted.

  37. Posted twice, thought auto mod deleted my first post.

  38. Option 3: You don’t have to be an immigrant to relate to an immigrant story. We are humans who share the human experience and there are more things that unite us than divides us.

  39. I really feel like I am trying to explain what I mean and you're just holding your hands against your ears and repeating "this is an immigrant story" over and over. I'll repeat my original argument:

  40. I don’t think this is only an immigrant story- there are obviously many themes. I think we are saying the same thing.

  41. Russia is contractually required to supply gas through the pipelines. if the contract is not fulfilled, Russia (or the pipeline operator) is required to pay a hefty penalty each day they do not deliver. if no gas is delivered ever again, it is estimated to be a total of 15-40 billion USD until the end of the multi year contract. If however it is impossible to deliver through am 'act of god' no payment is required. So, savings of multiple billions seems to be a good motive to blow up the pipelines.

  42. That’s the motive for NS1. NS2 was a carrot for Germany and a leverage to force Germany to put pressure on the west to put pressure on Ukraine to end the war on Russian terms. Russia blowing up NS2 just doesn’t make sense - it was a pinnacle of decades of planning and using its influence to complete. And a reason why no one else really liked it outside of the two.

  43. No idea why you included that totally unrelated tangent about cosmetic dlc at the start of that

  44. Because the reaction feels exactly the same. New form of monetization comes along and the gamers are up in arms against it. Few years pass and there is a whole new market around it and a not so small army of people that enjoy it.

  45. It's not a problem with MTX, it's just a symptom. It's a problem with a game and its design. And crap design is much older than MTX. My point is, it's not an issue with "what" (be it MTX, DLC, or BC as I imagine), by "why" and "how".

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