1. I think you mean "beserker rage" rather than "bloodlusted". Bloodlusted doesn't mean unthinkable or angry, it just means willing to not hold back even if it kills the other person and use their powers in the most brutally efficient way possible.

  2. No, it’s just what the navy considers obese. They don’t care about your body type. I never hit close to 205. I was 240 the whole time I was in. I had to get measured instead because I couldn’t pass the weigh ins. Has nothing to do with body type. Just googling it literally says that someone who is 5’9 should weigh between 144-176. So 195 would still be considered morbidly obese. OP didn’t give any indication that this person was a body builder so it should be considered as an average person.

  3. Believe it or not, the neither the Navy nor Google has the authority to deem someone "morbidly obese". I'm 5'10. When I'm regularly exercising to the point I have muscle definition I'm sitting around 210lbs. It's a pain in the butt to find shirts that fit me because large size is too big for my torso, but medium shirts won't fit my shoulders. If I went down to the 170-180 that the Navy/Google suggests would be "healthy" I would look like I was dying. Nobody looks at me and says I'm morbidly obese, and I don't have a lot of fat to lose. BMI is only one tool to measure obesity and is very limited in use for muscular builds. If you go by chest/waist/hips/height ratios, which is arguably more accurate for fit men, then I'm pretty spot on. I would suggest talking to an actual physician with regards to whether or not your physique is healthy, rather than relying on Google.

  4. That's not how growth charts work. 99th percentile means you're taller than 99 percent of your peers. 1st percentile means you are tiny. My son is a head over his classmates, he ranks at 99.8th percentile. Statistically if you put him in a random room of 1000 kids his age he'd likely be taller than all but two of them.

  5. Round 1 "every ship designed for combat"!would also include the US Navy would it not? Therefore, Navy loses.

  6. That would be a feat for Shenron, not Goku and presumably outside the bounds of this question. Otherwise we might as well say Goku can raise people from the dead and restore planets.

  7. People who survived cancer irl cant say i survived cancer bcs they had outside help (doctors, chemo therapy etc)? Thus its not their feat?

  8. Only if access to physicians and chemotherapy is allowed within context of the "who would win". In just a straight durability, no it's not a feat.

  9. Immortal, invincible, planet buster with toonforce level powers with nigh omnipotence vs Herculean level Greek demigod.

  10. Teleporters become horrifying. Imagine Nightcrawler from X2 as a 20-tonner with precognition. Yikes.

  11. All three of these guys are insanely strong, they also have tactics and martial arts beyond that of She-Hulk, they win no dif

  12. Lol. It's a little like saying three ten year olds who've been doing martial arts for four years can beat a 300lb body builder because they have more combat experience. Experience doesn't mean much when the power difference is that much.

  13. Based on the thunderclap, bursting out of the "danger room", wrestling the Hulk, ignoring the saw blades, casually flipping cars, effortlessly smacking around someone who casually wall busted, and the boulder throwing feat I can safely say she's leagues in strength and durability above the trio.

  14. Good stuff. Some suggestions:

  15. I do struggle a little with the thinning on the paint. I find that either always get too thin in too thick. I did shade the areas I wanted to shade like the front armor on the dracoth, however I did want the silver parts to look a little glittery rather than dull. I was going for Magical silver armor look.

  16. Sick! As another new player, I've got the model as well, and it is positively epic! Are you running it as Vandus Hammerhand or a Lord-Celestant?

  17. Lord Celestant. I'll add a shield at some point when I have a spare.

  18. Can't scale omnipotence. You can scale nigh-omnipotence, or omnipotence restricted within a realm, but true omnipotence can't be scaled. infinite power is just that: infinite. If you find a limit, it is not omnipotence.

  19. The whole concept is begging the question. First you need to prove that actual non-Biblical Jesus was anything different and didn't actually rise from the dead. Good luck with that. Lee Strobel already tried.

  20. Using the same reasoning, we'd also have to prove that Alexander wasn't literally a God, that Caesar didn't experience apotheosis, that the Emperor's of Japan didn't have divine power and so on.

  21. Not really. There are multiple eye witness accounts of Jesus performing miracles. People were executed for insisting they saw it to be true. There are no eye witness accounts of Jesus being"normal". In contrast I don't know if any eyewitness accounts of Alexander's divinity, yet several accounts of his mortality.

  22. Realistically? McGregor passes out the minute the fight starts and he's no longer under the "not sleep" requirement.

  23. I mean omnipotent means they can do anything. This includes losing to a non omnipotent being. It's really stupid but it's normal because it's a paradox

  24. Choosing to lose, sure. Spiderman could lose to a child of he chose to, that doesn't mean anything in terms of a "who would win". The assumption is both sides are trying to win.

  25. Yeah but if the being is truly omnipotent then he could lose while trying to win. If he can't he isn't omnipotent

  26. Only if he's created scenarios where this is possible. Your version of omnipotence is blind omnipotence, infinite power and possibilities without infinite knowledge and consciousness to guide it. Just because something is possible doesn't mean the omnipotent being has to allow it.

  27. Is there a limit to what Galactus can absorb? I was under the impression that he was insatiable and a "fully fed" Galactus is more of a theory than an actual reality.

  28. Tanks, ships, aircraft, and artillery vs a bunch of snipers?

  29. Depends on the size of the pig, wild vs domesticated, and if it has tusks. Domestic <200lb pig, man takes it. Otherwise pig might pull a win.

  30. I would use this printer to print enough hex based terrain pieces to cover an entire table inlay, one hex at time, in a way that can be double as both an AoS and Battletech tabletop.

  31. For point of reference the cheapest I've seen the Thunderstrike Brotherhood box online was $85, which is all the same Stormcast models but missing Chais, map, terrain, dice etc.

  32. Try those cheap reader glasses you can buy at places like Walmart. They work as well as more expensive magnifiers.

  33. Oh absolutely, even dollar store if they have them. I'm not trying to win modeling contests (unless it's for my calves). I just want to see missed spots.

  34. Thanks! I haven't done many minis before, and these are my first Warhammer ones. I figured I'd test to see if it was an enjoyable process before opening the Dominion box I got on sale, and honestly it was a blast.

  35. shrug I just bought my first set. Slightly more affordable than 40K, slightly simpler, and I get my sci Fi fix through Battletech so I prefer the more fantasy setting. I've heard of others doing similar. If anything I think it's on the upswing because you've got new guys like me coming in now who aren't bitter about the End Times.

  36. Spidey stomps. Think about what he's designed and invented with limited resources that barely anybody can replicate, and then give him time and unlimited resources? Eesh.

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