1. Identifying as Bigfoot doesn’t make you the size of Bigfoot though. The only thing as large as Bigfoot is Alex Jones forehead. You can land a 747 on that thing.

  2. It might not be totally wrong but it’s like getting a speeding ticket for going 56 in a 55mph zone. It’s not wrong but its BS and other people that do much worse get away with it. So it’s like trump is driving while black per Democrat’s standards.

  3. Imagine if a white male called a Trans by the wrong pronoun! OMG! The end of the world!

  4. I can understand that but if it is a psyop, I don’t think they’d use a transgender. It would be a mid 40’s white guy!

  5. This was designed to perpetrate the culture wars. And it has accomplished that admirably.

  6. So any killer would be a psyop, no matter what their ethnicity, religion, or political affiliation? I doubt it but that’s what all of the news does, to stir up more crap for more ratings which is more money. Are you being played by the government or the news?

  7. I hate Biden, but to a point I don’t think they should. It’s not right to the victim unless she’s pushing it. Idk, I go back and forth since he’s most likely a child molester. He deserves to be in jail.

  8. Same as all politicians, people think they are fighting for them but in reality, they are fighting for their wallet.

  9. What rights do they not have? They can use the bathroom, it just needs to match their genitalia! Other than that, what rights are they fighting for?

  10. I don’t eat there but in my opinion the more people that sign up, the more they will push. Don’t sign up!!

  11. He’s endorsed by the Rhino’s of course! They want to embezzle money from the tax payers too!

  12. The only one who has enough money that he can’t be bought and is old enough to not care what people think about him! Trump!!

  13. I think the democrats and MS media have already shown everybody the answer to this question. That hate President Trump so that’s all they talk about.

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