1. Luz: okay….and these little ones are the rescue rangers Chip, Dale, Gadget, Zipper and Monterrey Jack

  2. Ok but like, why is Rodrick trying to die?! And wtf is Frank's issue? Was he abused as well?

  3. Every time I see Jori in action I get more obsessed

  4. Tori's ointment in the worst couple is to help with a condition that she got due to her promiscuity with boys

  5. a clown that’s terrible at being a clown, and starts hysterically crying every time their joke doesn’t land

  6. I haven't successfully made it there yet so I didn't add it to the list, I'm really excited to get there but I'm having a tough time

  7. ey I LIV THER U STAKUR!1!!1!111 🤬😡🤬😮🤜🤬😬🤢🎉💖🤖✨👍

  8. I guess Tori goes platinum makes the most sense. Tori gets a big moment, Tori and Jade become friends for the 5th time or whatever but since it's the finale it will stick and Beck and Jade stay broken up which is for the best.

  9. That was actually the final episode, they just mixed the episode order. I think it was the 3rd to last one aired instead.

  10. I had a Will Smith once. He died of old age in front of my sim's house.

  11. I eat it like that as well. Manually breaking them apart makes me impatient so I just bite into it.

  12. That's not stopping anyone. Some people ship two characters because they stood next to each other.

  13. None of them tbh lol. Jori shipper here. Andre and Cat would be cute but I ship Puckintine. Tori and Andre are best friends who sleep on each others couches and no more. Jade and Andre don't have much chemistry and would be too incompatible anyways. Cat and Andre is the only one I see working (at least for awhile).

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