1. We broke the $17.50-$18.00 mark….thinking this gets back over $20

  2. Diese Kommentarspalte ist nun Eigentum der vereinigten Apes der Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

  3. Where can I track it myself my beautifull German neighbor?

  4. Don’t sell you will see the top on its way down. It’s not about the money, it’s about sending a message

  5. Nah it’s most certainly about the money 😂

  6. Bro what? It hasn’t even started yet. We need to push this over 30 and it’s gonna blow off

  7. If you buy more - this thing gonna explode. Sell it to your wife, sell it to your mother, sell it to your grandmother and the god damn 7/11 crackhead. We need to FUCKING BUY AND HODL

  8. How u sure they sellin? Thinkin about dropping 11k TUI shares and go all in

  9. Not to late to jump into the rocket my boy, joins us and let’s get these tendies

  10. If this happens I’m literally quitting my job with a SpongeBob “imma head out” gif and a screenshot of my profits

  11. Your mom should have pulled out behind Wendy’s if you are thinking of selling - diamond hands for life brother

  12. I am fucking hate my job so i guess BBBY will hit 100+

  13. I can offer you 250k $ for the start? Pickup in Jersey, my cousin tony is gonna give you the details.

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