1. Its actually super easy. So not sure what you did wrong for withdraw. Your cash gets transferred the same way you deposit it.

  2. I can’t withdraw the BTC i deposited. And it’s been 7 days now since I contacted them.

  3. Talk to support on Discord they're more responsive there. I can tell you from personal experience there's no scam going on but that's just me

  4. You're better off being good at one than bad at both, unless you're comfortable taking a big pay cut where you're a junior who is useless for a while.

  5. That’s kinda my view. I’d like to get very good at one aka R. Is this likely to pay me more? Salary and contract wise

  6. open a few support chats others respond faster then others. Artie responds fast

  7. Hello OP! Sorry to hear about this! Feel free to PM me your Shaketag and I'll make sure to escalate this to our customer support team 😊

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