1. Cowboy Spenny is best Spenny. But that’s still low.

  2. Puss in boots better win best animated.

  3. He looks like he tortures toys for fun.

  4. Kill four birds with one stone and nuke the four corners.

  5. Everyone is great and funny in Birdman, but Norton steals every scene he’s in.

  6. “I work with a handicapped person!”

  7. I wish the episodes were online right now, I would just quote jack doup but I can’t remember exactly how he defined Kenny.

  8. You didn’t even need a nuke to destroy Rhode Island. Shit a fire cracker would’ve sufficed.

  9. Top 2 comments at midnight (central time) are the eliminated states. I will post the updated map tomorrow at 11am (central time)

  10. Book was interesting for the fact that the main character is a sociopath. I wind up seeing this at some point and it sucks.

  11. Spenny’s crippling masterbating addiction doesn’t allow him time to maintain employment.

  12. Please tell me you've not seen the documentary and can run off to watch that right now?!?!?

  13. I’ve never given this a watch. Is it as bad as I hear?

  14. Aw yes. Our famous skyline and giant dancing devil lady.

  15. Not nearly as bad as some of the bill boards you see in the south. Still yikes. Death to all bill boards.

  16. And I’m giving it his one a Dah bah dee outta dah bah die

  17. This is one of those movies like dark knight rises where the first half or so is fine then it just fuckin nosedives.

  18. Still eager to see who can knit a better sweater.

  19. I think you 100% removed the why


  21. The gay scene here has always been alive and well, it’s far less underground now. Best of luck!

  22. She looks like she just licked a homeless man’s ass

  23. I’ve never heard “slipped away” once in my life

  24. Spenny only killed Wolfish’s beloved dogs, so he’s a killer but technically not a serial killer 👍

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