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  1. nederland is ongv 50 biljoen rijker dan heel turkije.

  2. This the typa dude to click on those "grow 10 extra inches in a week" ads next to porn videos.

  3. Uneven heat distribution. Notice how the sausage is bent away from the center near the ends. And notice how even though it's spinning, the ends still remain bent outwards.

  4. These kind of pranks are so cringe so are the channels that make them.

  5. cuz they 3-4x cheaper to buy and broke boys love balenciaga.

  6. Nee karma farmen door zelfmedelijden op reddit is beter

  7. Jesus has been coming for a while now, if I did this on my job I’d be fired

  8. Yep these people are professionals, came across a few while working, one had over 150 tubes of toothbrush in her skirt exactly the same way.

  9. Bro i expected him to walk in the base afterwards.

  10. Bro being a girl is like playing a game on extreme mode.

  11. Why dont you come on in and take a seat riiiight over there.

  12. better start watching some bear grylls videos before it gets dark.

  13. Katenspek is cooked and smoked bacon from the belly-part of a pig

  14. The fuck is this, cant trust no one anymore fuck.

  15. 100% he lives in the attic and mom brings him dinner and tucks him in at night.

  16. it has x2.2 more cafeïne then a can of redbull, watch the lawsuits come in after a little bit.

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