1. And then in Three Hopes all three houses get a bad haircut character. Bernadetta with her broom fore-ponytail, Ingrid with her Karen cut, and Leonie getting a haircut identical to some of the NPCs in Houses.

  2. I hate that the term “cum gutters” isn’t just in my memory, but also came to me from being exposed to Rick and Morty without my consent

  3. I honestly thought the Gerudo set was just kinda okay. A bit too plain for my taste, and I really disliked how you couldn't dye the chest piece, so it stayed green all the time.

  4. I'm not sure I like the idea of a place that sells food/drink being "anarchist". I suppose they still have to pass health inspections but a part of me would be worried that their safety & quality procedures would be whatever they felt is appropriate.

  5. Anarchist does not mean no rules, it means no hierarchy. They won't spit in your coffee or whatever.

  6. okay but if there's no hierarchy then there would be nothing placing or enforcing the rules other than people just agreeing to do so and that doesn't really hold up the second someone disagrees

  7. There are others people though. They could just go "follow the rules or gtfo".

  8. that’s not polandball that’s indonesiaball or perhaps monacoball

  9. Nope, it's Polandball. The flag us deliberately upside down.

  10. The joke is very clearly favorable to the OOP. No matter how you’re interpreting it it’s pretty clear that was a joke between friends.

  11. Jean Grey turning Bobby Drake gay when the younger X-Men were time displaced.

  12. Wasn't it less turning him gay and more brainwashing him into outing himself? Which is still massively fucked, just in a slightly different way.

  13. If you're cold, they're cold. Bring your pets inside.

  14. France importe a lot of manga. It's not uncommon from smaller series to get a French release before an English one

  15. this is from the sonic riders if I remember right, when they show up outside he coliseum in the desert

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