1. Yea I never got all the bitching, legit capped him easily granted haven’t tried with people complaining about AI and only once after the buff they gave him

  2. Please shut up and don’t give away how I’ve been easily grinding this winter event

  3. It’s the new boneless hot and crispy pieces where you now get two of them in a zinger box instead of three wings. Can always ask for wings. Depending how lucky you get the two boneless pieces can have more chicken then something with a bone in it. Plus they are basically wicked wings without bones, to me they taste exact same.

  4. I’ve smacked a kid for hurting a dog and I’ll do it again

  5. If you have someone to teach you some of the ropes of sim it’s somewhat easy to get a hang of, provided you know which controls to use

  6. I do have friends and a clan who do sim now and then. Just was also wanting to do jets and expecting it to be a lot of just killed by a missile I never see xD.

  7. doesnt RB get the same multipliers? but no if you arent experienced you will get dumpstered stay with whatever mode you are best with realiably

  8. Yes for air I probs won’t but done ground sim before and did fairly ok… besides the occasional lend lease vehicle causing trouble

  9. Guess the week has come back around for another one of these posts. But as others said it has a proxy fuse so slightly easier to hit targets with

  10. Is that the points needed to get a star? Also I did not realise simulator counted

  11. Yes that is the score needed for a star in each gamemode during the 2022 Summer event.

  12. Thanks, for some reason brain was thinking simulator was a no go

  13. I swear no one ever checks the devblog. Seems everyone thought German and Italy got nothing but premiums this patch

  14. I swear they love putting non anywhere in the main city. Head south and there is one around every corner

  15. Grand exchange is literally opt in. Sell by shouting outside the GE. That will probably happen a lot more. Maybe people sell over the forums like they used to. But to charge that this move devalues your time is loaded. Is your time playing a video game directly tied to how much money you can get selling stuff on the GE? By that logic, does merching without a tax also devalue your time when it drives up prices on end game equipment seemingly arbitrarily? Want to regulate merching too? Some would call that the beauty of unbridled supply and demand.

  16. This 2% the cost of convenience so you don’t need to to sell something manually

  17. Even just shaking up the spawns and making them a little different then standing in a spot. I just want to see more unlocks and rewards for doing missions. One of which being new exfil options. Like spawning with a car, on a boat edge of water so can decide where you go. The final being having the big heli fly you in so you can parachute out, which will still limit exfil then being in a plane at the top of the map.

  18. i'd play the shit out of this even if they used the completely gimped repair cost from sim EC

  19. I remember when we had enduring confrontation RB. It was a glorious time

  20. Gotta just try play smarter, let your team go in first and try to snag some cheeky kills. If your teammates dnd you will die and not much you can do. Though I’ll admit have stopped playing as did struggle with f-14 missile spams

  21. For a lot of the skills it actually states you need to beat the DV. Found out that yea cyberpunk is a best system not an equal or beat.

  22. us germany mains watching in the background lol

  23. Couldn’t agree more, just sitting here watching everyone winge and bitch about their fancy new jet fighters. Meanwhile I play with my lil toys

  24. Well, pretty sure tornado down a path I haven’t fully unlocked so may be a bit of grinding for me

  25. Apparently we get a new fighter later down the line, for now it’s just an attacker

  26. In most cases I let players and NPCs set up and corners to use as cover and shoot around it. Unless there is something that would stop them being able to do so (injury reducing movement to nothing etc). Granted I do play cover a little loser and very much encourage it being taken but also use held actions so enemies will shoot as they pop out of cover to make their own shots. As for melee again most cases I’d allow it to just occur as long as adjacent spaces.

  27. Also because it’s the tornado it may just be on the right side trees. But no one knows yet and I really hope they do t as I do t have it researched either.

  28. Yes I assume it only done that actually abilities, but fact there is a time limit assigned had me curious

  29. Same. I usually got no issue fighting multiple bots, but there are times where they can land deadly bursts.

  30. Yes this I find. You either want to be sniping or gunning them down in their face. Mid range they seem to just destroy

  31. It shouldn’t be too bad, as most have said there isn’t a class level system. It’s about gear and skills. While there will be some gap as long as the newer party member understands they not as gung-ho initially and needs to be a little more careful before they get gesr and skills or should be fine. Plus as GM can even give a little boost to earned IP at least so can catch up role/skill wise. As for money that just night city, but maybe they make friends with party members enough they can get a little extra from each job out of their cut.

  32. Also this ain’t some super hard game that when you die it takes hours to get your gear back. Usually one or two games can get back to big backpack and three plate and a good gun

  33. There always an escort or protection missions. Be it s person or an item. Maybe they are entirely paranoid and no one’s after them I. Which case it’s the players own imagination that can be an enemy and is time for RP. Or we’ll have them keep eye out for sneaky enemies or enemies who just run and gun.

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