1. your gig seems really enjoying to fool people huh, they feel proud of their strategy

  2. In my understanding, NEU are not favored for because of their academics, but the relative easiness for internships/co ops, it is not because other places doesn't have it, but because it is easier for YOU to have one internship while you are there

  3. A lot of Typescript and AWS services

  4. What country are you in? It wouldn't be a problem in Canada where I am from.

  5. No, your car probably won't be messed with. Has your dad ever worked at a dealership? Because none I've ever worked at have done anything remotely close to this shady, they took pride in providing quality and honest work.

  6. It would not be profitable if people noticed it, but I do heard from my dad that they can replace some part in your car and you would not be able to know it though

  7. Does the shadow clone have the same organs?

  8. This is good advice. I was in the same situation before. I stopped caring and decided to just have this professional mask. I usually try make friends at work; however, if that fails, I just put on that mask immediately.

  9. Honestly speaking, if this person was not on my team, I would not care at all, but the fact he is on my team and I still need a lot of help from him and he is exhibiting such attitude make me feel like I will have a hard time at work in the future. I can start to foresee future times when I will just be treated with minimal respect.

  10. or maybe looked down upon is a better term?

  11. They might take the rejection poorly, and that was a decent opportunity for networking, but you were polite about your refusal. It isn't worth worrying about.

  12. I know you are just being honest, which I really appreciate, but it kinda make me scared, did I pissed everyone off like that?

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