1. Maybe you should try attacking the Byron, as Bull would not be invincible without him.

  2. The Lou can't attack around the walls, and if dynamike tried to attack, Byron could have easily just walk out of range

  3. Byron is way to complex with his natural healing ability to be just a rare. Same with mandy with her focus ability and her 40 tile range super. And also Janet with her flying and elongating attack

  4. all she does is shoot and spawn a posion egg

  5. On that island, tap one of your torches and you should see a button at the bottom titled “Highlight”. Tap that so it glows, then others will see that islands torch symbol pulse on the map. Also you can quickly tell if you have an island set to highlighted by looking at the torches on your island. The brazier at the top where the flame sits will be glowing.

  6. I finally highlighted my cold island, now people will be more likely light my torches there to get the grumpyre and strombonin instead of lighting my plant island even though I already got all the breedable monsters there. Thanks

  7. You know very well that this is an impossible challenge for the brawl stars community


  9. I just got crow and used my power points to get him to power 9, which star power should I buy, extra toxic or carrion crow?

  10. I think there’s a bubble around it

  11. Ok then, it just doesn't look like there is really a bubble around it to me. Either it is hard to see or it is really easy to see and I'm just dumb

  12. It’s not visible to the player it’s just there

  13. The island on top of the colossal’s head is just part of the continent from dawn of fire, it’s not actually the colossal’s head

  14. Oh ok, so the colossals are just holding up the island? They're not actually the island themselves?

  15. Ok thanks, I'm fairly new to this game so I didn't know. I just thought they were the islands themselves

  16. facts, that’s why I choose to team on people

  17. Now here is the problem, whenever there is teaming, unless the entire lobby teams(which is almost never), there will always be a person whose game and fun gets ruined because of people like you. I remember you had a post where you were a mortis that won against teamers, what made you switch sides

  18. The lights didn't even flicker, he just started screaming immediately

  19. Also I'm not complaining about the new seek chase, it feels wierd to what I am normally used to and am wondering if you guys feel the same

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