1. I did not, will they honor the $1200? If so I’m gonna pull the trigger (pun intended).

  2. Be honest, is that you in the picture over your shoulder?

  3. Wrapped and Tanis are two words that don’t go together, it’s good but it just drags on and on.

  4. I almost quit Tanis about 3 episodes in, but they got me curious in that 4th episode, and that's all it took for me to finish the whole thing. However I will say, Rabbits, now that podcast had me hooked from the get go! I loved Rabbits more than Tanis.

  5. Yeah rabbits season 1 could be a one and done season, agreed it was great

  6. Congrats man, remember to be in the moment as much as possible when hanging out with him.

  7. I thought the first photo showed the church flooded with muddy water!

  8. Vehicle from one of the most popular video games ever:

  9. I’d love to know the budget, imo it’s much better than Rings of Power and I bet it cost so much less.

  10. Comicbook estimates Andor was made with between 15 to 25 million dollars per episode, assuming it was assigned with similar budget as Kenobi and Mandalorian (although the practical sets make it looks so much better imo). I agree with you that it looks leagues above ROP, and that show was made with roughly 75-80 million per episode. I guess in this case it's less about money and more about competence.

  11. A wise man once said, “it’s not the size that matters is how you use it”

  12. That would prolly be my ZPAP M92. Something about that gun makes me smile.

  13. Can I ask how much this beaut of a rifle cost all together?

  14. I'm really hoping for more of the Lovecraft Investigations. So far the only thing new that I'm aware of is an appearance of Kennedy in the BBC Radio 4 series on Aldrich Kemp in Feb 2022.

  15. I don't know exactly what there worth I posted this to see what people think there worth who know more than me

  16. Ahh I’m new here but now I know what the PC is… “Price Check” right?

  17. Exactly, usually mold number 69 goes for a bit more money than other mold numbers I'm trying to see what there worth

  18. Ahhh yes, golf, the sport that only the ultra rich can afford to play.

  19. Dude just took a couple months off his life and for what?

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