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  1. I remember my mom telling me, that back in her childhood days, there used to be only one TV in entire village. And how the whole village used to gather on weekends and wait for some show to appear.

  2. It comes once EA confirms that no more updates will be made for fifa23. Thus it will not come until EA releases its new Sports FC

  3. oh shit my high school journalism teacher did that for us. he also drank diet coke nonstop and had the worst breath. actually he had my dad's breath. with my eyes closed they were the same smell.

  4. I played with Umar Sadiq, from Elche, he is quite all rounder for 77 rating and grows upto 81-84

  5. If thriller mystery excites you, you could go with 1899 on Netflix, the watcher, Wednesday adams. A new series kaleidoscope is crime based on netflix These are actually my watchlist so ya!!

  6. If I had to pay rent , I’d be buying a fortuner every month

  7. There aint anything better than being master of your own path, kisi ke bhang bhosda shene ki zarurt nai

  8. Bhai mai to bhul hi jata tha kha se read krna hai. Feer words and lines count krke marker lgata tha ki yha se padhna hai.

  9. Then Busquets should still be starting lmao

  10. Happy birthday to you two redditors May your life comes on track soon Dw it all falls in place, if you want to share more we are here to listen

  11. I have the same laptop, same key board and am too in college ✌️

  12. If you can, buy game of the year edition, its for 500 only and totally worth it!

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