Japan [2] - 1 Spain - Ao Tanaka 51'

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  1. Airbnb used to be worth it for, say, a group of friends who want to rent a house somewhere cute for a weekend, go sightseeing, and spend the evenings cooking dinner together and sitting around a fire pit. We used to do that once or twice a year.

  2. Idk if this is just an European thing, but from my experience you can still get good deals if you're with a big group. For example I went to Florence with 9 friends and it was like around 150 a person for 7 nights, it wasn't massive or something, just a fairly small appartement (mostly because there was no living room), but it had it still had 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a small kitchen/dining space (although we only used it for breakfast as nobody can be arsed to make dinner when you've been walking around with a minimum of 30°C and a max of like 38°C for the whole day) all with AC and it was completely clean. When you aren't planning on staying there all day then you can find something affordable.

  3. The mom transformation is way too common to be really good, like you're getting it in most of your runs if you're a bit unlucky with your items

  4. The thing is that it was. Even the normal camera showed it

  5. That was from an angle though, we don't know if it is from a top down view.

  6. I was on high hopium that the Mythic Skin would be a Zen skin since he is related to Ramattra. Well at least the skin looks cool, and hopefully the battle pass skins are related to the theme they showed in the trailer instead of random ones like they currently do

  7. I like that they give a new hero like junkerqueen the mythic skin, I already have skins I like for most heroes from my time in OW1, so it's nice to also get some good skins for the new heroes.

  8. Because Simons deserves it more and I'm saying that as an Ajax fan, Taylor isn't anything special at the moment.

  9. Why is the coach keeping your top players in?

  10. Gakpo and de Jong have been subbed out already though.

  11. Except this is a common misconception. Mick did not outperform Kmag in any way whatsoever second half of the season. Not in quali, not in race pace, not in points.

  12. Idk if you're looking at you own source, but Mick is literally 5-4 in race results (the thing that actually matters, because points don't give the whole picture with car development throughout the season (aka Haas only getting worse comparatively since the start of the season)) since the summer break (round 14) and 12-6 during the whole season (even though I'd give Mick's crashes as a point to Magnussen, but still it wouldn't be in favour of Kmag).

  13. I'm not going to argue with you, but I literally said that I count Mick's crashes as a win for Kmag, making it 12-8 and if you actually looked at the site, you'd see that mechanical dnfs are ignored for this stat.

  14. The Flemish accent makes this a lot better

  15. This has to be the wackiest one yet. Many good takes but many awful ones. For example picking patiphan for soldier over ppl like fits merit and happy, or the fact he mentioned heesu as one of the best soldiers even tho my boy was absolutely horrid on soldier, or how he picked striker over Edison for reaper.

  16. Even Striker over Sp9rk1e is dumb when Sp9rk1e definitely outperformed Striker during the GF

  17. Why is that last part marked spoiler?

  18. Probably it has spoilers in it (being able to side with edelgard)? Although the post itself should also be marked as spoilers tbh.

  19. 4 teams hopefully. Shock, ATL, Glads and ......Toronto maybe

  20. Why is everyone writing off fuel when it's still fairly plausible that they keep their roster with maybe slight improvements.

  21. We're (Netherlands) so lucky with a draw

  22. Out of every attacker he brings in Weghorst, he's literally just de Jong but worse

  23. Why would you sub in Weghorst instead of de Jong

  24. When can we actually stop talking about Marco Reus. Man is perpetually injured and the limited number of times I've seen him play, was fragile and overall kind of shit. Man is a meme. Götze is more relevant ffs.

  25. I mean people said the same when they got Happy, didn't really happen in the end

  26. Did you just compare the best hitscan that has ever played this game to happy? Like what?

  27. Oh no, I compared the best hitscan player in the league to an arguably top 5 hitscan in the league, how could I do something like that

  28. This is about DRX, the winning League of Legends champion team. They pulled off one of the greatest underdog runs in esports history and now all 5 starters are moving to different teams due to their agents allegedly prodding them to take bigger offers from orgs with deeper pockets

  29. This also happens in normal sports with underdog teams, for Football/Soccer it also happened with Leicester City, had a miracle run in 2015-16, sold players for a lot of money, but they still couldn't financially compete with the top, so they dropped down again.

  30. Yep Argentina will be difficult. But then again, Arg also does not have a world class striker though messi can score from outside the box.

  31. Maybe not world class, but the likes of Martinez and Alvarez (I think Martinez will probably be their main striker though) are definitely better than Vincent Janssen, especially when you have players like Messi and maybe Di Maria on the wings.

  32. Yep true. Arg looks much more stronger. In fact many will disagree but I am keeping Arg in front of Brazil because of so many people who can score (Dimaria, messi, Martinez, Alvarez)

  33. It's also Messi's last chance for a wc, which might also play a role

  34. It’s just so weird that you’re saying that just because he decided to stand up for himself he’s no longer “a nice guy” (honestly I want puck just saying this expression)

  35. It was moreso the passive agressive way he reacted to people who questioned his appointment and how he said that people like Tobi didn't get the same treatment, while he was the biggest question mark people brought up about Seoul (he could've just made one tweet about proving everyone wrong and move on instead of having a whole saga about it). With the Legday thing was just a harmless joke (I assumed he was also joking at first), until he started making personal insults which just made him look awful.

  36. Did he post anything more than that tweet against Legday?

  37. Yeah if you click on legday's reply you'll see more of it. (I'd like to reiterate that they have no hard feelings for eachother, just that it was really unneeded in the first place)

  38. And points are presented on a Sunday

  39. Which is why Carlos is closer to Charles than Checo is to Max? (With the difference between Checo and Max being almost 3x larger)

  40. Well I firmly believe Max is a one in twenty years generational talent and if Sainz was in the same car the gap would be similar. Shit, put Russell and leclerc in the same car and the gap would be significant, albeit much lesser than right now. Only Lewis can match him.

  41. I agree that Max is a generational talent, but so is Lewis and Bottas constantly got shit on during his years in Mercedes for not performing on the same level as Lewis while he performed a lot better than Checo this year in 2017, 2019 and 2021 with last year costing Red Bull the WCC. Yes Checo is doing a good job, but this season isn't something that he should deserve extremely high praise for when he isn't doing better than Bottas at Mercedes.

  42. Checo had the better strategy and Charles probably would've overtaken him again if he did a 2 stop, he was the only one with racepace that was on par with Verstappen.

  43. It was definitely not on par with Verstappen. But definitely better than Perez. On the couple of occasions when they did show Max on the broadcast, he was literally lifting and coasting, just managing his pace and gap.

  44. I think this discredits the pace Leclerc had at the end of the race, he was doing either sub 1.30's or 1.31's (don't fully remember) on 20+ lap old hards.

  45. Yeah Vancouver and Toronto as well as other teams are never going to accomplish anything if they blow up their roster every year.

  46. I mean Toronto is fairly understandable with their fairly disappointing performance and Casores coming in, because a full Korean team just wouldn't make sense. Titans on the other hand will probably just end up being a bottomfeeder NA team again so it doesn't make sense to blow everything up.

  47. I know Hotba has experience on a mixed roster…. Anyone know if Finale and Chorong does?

  48. I mean Twilight has experience on probably the best mixed roster in the league, so I didn't really expect it wt all

  49. Except Tazmo probably if they're keeping Fielder

  50. Hard to say if they will since every GM is also going “Quick sign Fielder!”

  51. Haas can't get a sub 3 second stop even if their lives depended on it.

  52. Ferrari and Haas both starting on mediums, so that's definitely an awful strategy

  53. To be honest I hope he leaves the Fuel, he deserves to be a starter and he'd probably be a benchwarmer again for most of the season.

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