1. Christ I got 36 guilded yesterday from 1 mob, I didn't think you can get much more than that...

  2. hii, anyone using exilence next experience weird bug/glitch the last 2 days? my net worth suddenly jump from 200 div to 370++ overnight. something wrong with the prices pulled from poe. ninja maybe?

  3. It's price fixers and ninja prices getting fucked up. I had an issue where the cathedral maps were counting as 60c per and fracturing shards were 1c....I asked if there was a way to manually set the prices in the tool but never got an answer.

  4. You can synthesise an item with Harvest for a random number of implicits afaik. The ones with 3 were simply lucky.

  5. Does synthesizing them mess with the suffixes/prefixes at all?

  6. K I was asking cause I'm at the imprint regal phase of my 12 passive 35 effect bow cluster and don't want to brick it if I decide to do this after finishing the prefixies/suffixes

  7. I'm still rocking a Vega 64 I bought on a Black Friday sale in 2018. She has a third party heatsink and fans installed, runs undervolted, and is still absolutely working through everything I want to play.

  8. Same, got the sapphire nitro. This has been a ridiculously good card. I honestly have no idea when I'm going to upgrade it. Could be another 4-5 years for all I know.

  9. Good point. What build would you recommend? I imagine something that does what an RF Jugg can't do.

  10. It depends how much you have saved up, what style you want to play, and the level of complexity you are comfortable with. I really can't recommend anything till I know that.

  11. Unfortunately I can't really recommend anything outside of another league start on that low of a budget.

  12. Is it wort to pick harbinger from the map device without any point in the tree in harbinger? Just to get more monsters on the map? Or worthless?

  13. Unless you are running real high quant juiced maps with guided harby scarab and the harby sextant and full specced into it in the tree no. If you are doing all that tho yes absolutely you will make a decent chunk of change from them.

  14. Is there anyway to automate divination distillate? I've already got it setup with petrified blood correctly but do I need to manually activate it each time the flask effect ends?

  15. You can use instilling orbs or a crafting bench to make the flask automatically use under certain conditions, including it automatically get used whenever the effect ends.

  16. No you can't. It's a hybrid life/mana flask. That's why I was asking.

  17. Crafting in ilvl 84 12 passive bow cluster. I've got the base to a magic with 35% effect and T1 chaos res that was one of the mods I wanted. What's the next step, imprint, regal and just repeat or is there a way to force something like T1 attack speed on it?

  18. Oh boy can't wait to waste 30 div on imprint beasts...

  19. He lost his eyesight after 3 hours of playing his build.

  20. Played cat on crit last league, can confirm everything just looks like cats after awhile.

  21. the exact thing happened to me, last pack, juicy altar... however, I got at least a bit lucky and got two divines from the released monsters, I hope you too got at least something! cheers

  22. Yea the only time I saw the altar same story...happened with like 2-3 packs left and only got 2 div...havnt seen it since.

  23. Most of the builds I've done over the past 10 years have drawn blood because of this. D Why do the fins on the heatsinks need to be so fucking sharp?

  24. There's always money in legion. If you full specc and block most everything else off you are almost garunteed for one to be in your map. I'd still recommend running the legion sextant and scarab tho. They are really cheap and will absolutely pay for themselves 10x over.

  25. Does anyone have a guide or video on going to cold conversion TS without omni and with using MF gear?

  26. Does anyone have a guide or video on going to cold conversion TS without omni and with using MF gear?

  27. Can someone link me a video or guide explaining how to go to full cold conversion on TS using some MF gear and no omni?

  28. ts is just not that good of a low end build tbh unless youre playing cf

  29. That wasn't what I was asking. It feels fine to me, I'm able to comfortably farm juiced deli/beyond maps with my current aetup. I just don't know how to progress it past where I am right now I need someone's guidance who has experience with this build. Telling me to swap my HH for a bricked MB isn't helping.

  30. a 2 flask mageblood is legitimately better than a headhunter on most bow builds, if you're able to farm high end content then you should be able to make the transition into omni otherwise you can look to get a forbidden jewel pairing since deadeye ones are expensive probably look towards raider i.e. rapid onslaught or avatar of the chase if you already have a source of consistent onslaught like a synth ring. proj clusters also help as well but only go for those if you can cap crit without nodes from tree.

  31. I don't know how to transition into omni while keeping my MF gear, this is why I'm asking for help and for someone to look at PoB and tell me what I should be doing. Just telling me oh go omni or oh put clusters on it isn't helping when you don't tell me HOW or WHAT i EXACTLY need to do.

  32. No flares, no missiles, and is still stuck with .50 cals while mostly everything else gets cannons

  33. I just Uninstalled after having a relatively good time until I reached jets then specifically this plane.

  34. This is how it's done. Draw your bow, let them charge and kite them backwards until they do the final turn to pounce you & are heading straight at you then just plink them in the head. If you somehow miss their head and hit another part of them the struggle shouldn't last more than a second until you finish them off with melee.

  35. I intended to but…..didn’t get to it. Saplings were freshly cured, gut ready to go. That said, I am fairly useless with the bow so far

  36. The arrow is gonna go about where you see the exact point of the tip on the screen at 5-10 yards. Draw back a few times to see it.

  37. Care to provide the spoiler DLC locations? I'm rooting around for guns now before exploring the FT.

  38. ML - the camp office, trappers cabin, wrecked train car, watchtower.

  39. Fun fact: back in the day Dam was realistically dark inside, so you had to explore it with a light source. Also, a resident wolf roamed there.

  40. I thought you couldn't roll quant on any items other than uniques???

  41. Anytime I see people with eyes like that I automatically assume they are serial killers. Those kind of eyes creep me the fuck out.

  42. Was looking for the savior and got jebaited by another trash tier unique with the same base type

  43. Making a new one is not just about killing one more bear, it requires plenty of time, and it's the time wasted because of a bug.

  44. Let's be real, day 140 on loper what else do you have to do? I'm on day 75, got everything i need and have no idea what to do with myself so I'm just going on random trecks until I get to day 100 and the cold fusion badge.

  45. Maybe it’s because I’ve never explored every region, but on Stalker at day 160 odd and I’ve only explored like, 60% of the map. Probs cause of all the extra loot I’m hauling on Stalker tho. Takes an extra few trips lol

  46. Interloper's different, you move, all the time. You explore a lot faster when you need all the loot you can get or can't find certain key items like the hammer or mag lens.

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