The Anatomy of Every Mike and Kaylee Scene

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  1. That was just awesome. I love this fandom and the cast/crew.

  2. Reservation Dogs is pretty fucking great.

  3. I don’t see the blouse that blows open in Santa Ana Winds. I love that blouse.

  4. Indians in India refer to rupees as bucks. Source: lived in India for seven years

  5. My husband is from India, born and raised. He says he’s never used “bucks” to refer to rupees.

  6. Travis, Matt and Liam are super hot in person as well. Hoo

  7. I got Josh Chan. I thought for sure I was a Paula.

  8. I was upset with my husband on mother's day a few times because he wouldn't even remind the kids to say happy mother's day let alone anything else. Last straw, no "happy mother's day" or other acknowledgement from anyone, and then I had asked the week before if we could go try a certain restaurant, he agreed. At dinner time he asks what I want. Surprised, I ask if we were going to the place I requested and he seemed confused. Said but we'd need reservations, it's mother's day, no way could we just go, they won't have tables. I lost it then. I'm not his mother, but he can remind the kids and help them if needed. For Father's day, the kids help me get something for him. They pick out and I pay, but they needed my reminder that Father's day was coming. That year we got him something he'd been wanting for years but never got for himself. He was so happy! Though I sure felt like skipping it!

  9. Exactly this. I make it clear what I’m expecting for holidays/birthdays/anniversaries because waiting for my husband or kids to guess just leaves me angry and them confused.

  10. I stopped getting tasks Tuesday June 14. I got an email notice telling my I was under review on Thursday June 16. I figured they wouldn’t work on it over the weekend. I was hoping I’d be cleared and could work today. I was only able to get 8hrs last week.

  11. I love Darryl in general. But his push for another child through surrogacy is one of the absolute low points for me in an otherwise very feminist-leaning show.

  12. I believe it may have been an accident of the actress getting her eyeline wrong. HOWEVER, the fact that it was kept in is a very intentional choice. No way the director/editor didn't notice that and then CHOOSE to keep it.

  13. I need to make a protective altar for my Slippin' Kimmy.

  14. I really appreciate these threads. They help me figure out if it's a me-issue and I'm on review again, or of it's more of a system wide thing.

  15. How quickly do u get cleared , if at all you are under review ?

  16. I've been put on review 5-6 times since last November. Sometimes it's super fast (email on Monday, cleared and working by Tuesday midday) sometimes it lands on funky holidays/days off and I have missed 8-10 days of work. It's all over the place and there is no consistency.

  17. This is a pretty standard formula for many interactions between someone over 65 and someone under 7.

  18. Hell yes. If they make it work, I'm in for the ride.

  19. Exactly! If my husband had the money, took me shopping, and told me to let loose, I’d have one of the funnest days of my life. But him shopping by himself and picking things she doesn’t even like is gross. OP is his wife, not a Barbie doll.

  20. Yes! I hate shopping, but if I had a ton of money and could work with a personal shopper (NOT my husband) I'd definitely find things I like that were situationally appropriate AND fit my style.

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