1. I’m currently flying over France, and my tits are JACKED. 40,000 ft. TIT JACKING

  2. I comment that stock is more than 100 % up from bottom and got banned for 1 year 🤣🤣🤣 Fucking shf clowns

  3. The mods there are compromised and are butthurt about anything against their bagholders theory

  4. cough cough accidentally makes a stock go up 30% cough cough…🤫🤫🤣🤣🤣

  5. I think the buying volume will be insane at opening

  6. I think that the gamma ramp peak price makes sense (80) but I also think I could be the guy that sold at 80 and watched it moon to 300 lol

  7. Moon to 300? I don’t believe our moons are in the same place.

  8. What was GME peak again ? 400ish something ?

  9. 490 was the top no catalyst just a gamma run

  10. That's insane, at this price I am buying a mansion and a new car lol

  11. If this is GME 2.0, it will go hell of a lot higher than 80/share. There are a lot more eyes on this just in case these clearing houses decide to PCO us. RC bought calls with strike prices of 60-80 bucks. That means the actual share price he anticipated was much much higher. Im thinking $500/share minimum.

  12. Well in this case I am buying a mansion lol

  13. Salutations françaises, let's fucking go Norwegian brother !!

  14. Thanks for laughing you might be the only one lmao

  15. I don't know how you came to that conclusion...

  16. It would appear that a large amount of people misunderstood my comment in two or even three different ways - and that I have set a new record on "how to offend everyone regardless of their opinion on things"

  17. Its because your comment sits perfectly unfortunately under someone correcting another that she is a she and not a he lol.

  18. We've been compared to AMC hodlers please kill me now

  19. I will believe you once again but this time it has to burst to 80 thx

  20. Can you explain to a regard like me what the significance of the 20th is?

  21. Expiration date of a shit ton of options, that's it, NFA, I am fully retarded too

  22. In before shills: "tHaT means ShOrTs CoveReD"

  23. Hit them with the "Why would they cover if the company is going bankrupt"

  24. Don't worry it's me pressing "Buy" 40M times

  25. Guys we need to stop with these conspiracy theories about selling

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