1. I think Russell is far closer to Lewis's standard than Bottas had been, but Lewis spent half the season wrecking his spine on the porpoising.

  2. Did anyone else have to zoom in to confirm that was Bottas?

  3. The 'tache transforms him so much, it's silly 😂

  4. I’d prefer Beth honestly, Mia, Bianca & Iyo already fill the highflying, spots etc. quota and we know Bayley isn’t afraid to bump. Think Dakota isn’t also, my memory is rusty on her matches but I know she’s gonna add something.

  5. Dakota is a latter day Dolph Ziggler with her selling, so she's probably taking all the nasty weapon shots, lol

  6. Thanks for sharing the additional info on Sparkr. Really hope he stays!

  7. I'd seen the tweet earlier and felt it was some important context to throw in. Same here! Keeping the Playoffs crew together into next year as your core would be the ideal, I think.

  8. Making me think hard about who they might be lining up instead.

  9. Astro and Kev the only guys locked in so far, that's mad.

  10. Yep, had a feeling. Never mind how niche his slot on the roster was; for how little he'd been playing, it was clear they wanna zone in on Hadi as their primary tank player à la Houston with Danteh or Atlanta with Hawk.

  11. Well, what can you say, but Bottas suits the Mansell Moustache

  12. It makes me giggle every time I see it - it's genuinely comical how well it suits him.

  13. Only been half paying attention to the race, but catching the Iron Dames leading Am puts a big smile on my face.

  14. SHD could do with a new flex DPS although CN forum rumours have claimed since midseason that they want to get Leave as their Chinese star to partner alongside LIP. That being said LIP and Decay would be a solid duo.

  15. Mannnn, Lip and Leave would be proper All-Stars level of talent.

  16. I'd say he won't have much trouble finding a new home - he's still all that and a side of chips.

  17. Hmmm. Kinda saw Lep and Doge coming a bit; they never quite seemed to mesh properly after joining, unfortunately.

  18. Is this technically the first news of the off-season? If so that's hilarious that the first thing we hear is the Titans kneecapping themselves

  19. I'm pretty sure I'd lose points on a test if I used "they" instead of "him", that just sounds wrong. 🤔

  20. It's been accepted English for 600+ years, I dunno what to tell ya.

  21. Yep, that's definitely one of the supermarkets. I feel like it's the Supervalu on the Cork Road?

  22. Ballybeg. It's just up the road from my workplace, so I recognize it well.

  23. It’s ardkeen tesco, Waterford credit Union and KFC in the background

  24. Ah good shout, couldn't catch those when I was looking

  25. Can we put some respect on Danteh's name for picking up a full complement of tank heroes at a professional level out of nowhere?

  26. He keeps this up and Houston likewise, I struggle to see how they don't finally level up to a consistently top tier team next year.

  27. Yeahhhh, Florida definitely starting to gather themselves again.

  28. I'll just transmute my live thread comment here . . .

  29. Not a deliberate reference, as such, the quote just sticks out in my head 😅

  30. Unless people start trying this every week and taking out other cars why change the rules? Almost every video game move we’ve seen has ended up failing anyway

  31. Not to mention that move was the epitomy of "Pick a god and pray".

  32. I'm honestly genuinely surprised this wasn't already a thing.

  33. Hell this season alone, people kept saying they were a Rein rush one trick team, look at them now

  34. Bro, JUST TODAY, people were absolutely and genuinely repulsed by the thought that he'd be honoured in the Role Stars.

  35. I guess tomorrow’s match settles whether Danteh was robbed or not lol

  36. Eh, I think it was just an insanely tight field after that top 3, personally.

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