1. in total I played 13 of these and I played 6 of them a lot, so I would totally agree

  2. trans people who are transitioned when through so so so much, a transphobe won't stop them anymore

  3. just do what you think makes you happy at the moment, if it isn't right you can still stop

  4. But that’s the thing. I’m worried that it might not be right for me because being a guy feels boring and the prospect of transitioning is exciting because I could have the chance to be happy and social and truly say that like my body for the first time

  5. transitioning is possible, it is your chance of achieving that happiness. and if it isn't, you can still stop

  6. Nah kinda glad, now I get it from more than one person, same kinda vibes as each other so it’s nice to see some consistency

  7. "can't you just decide on something for 5 MINUTES???"

  8. I would probably take that, even though I like this life actually except for that one aspect, you know?

  9. yes, this is just such a nice and wholesome place 🥰

  10. I blame the community. You all are to dang nice!

  11. honestly, you can't know unless they say it to you, because everything else would be assuming, what can be harmful in the end. maybe watch them, and try some things that could help you, looking at their reaction, but don't go over suspecting

  12. thank! I'll probably try to ask them about stuff like Fallout NV tomorrow and see if they pick up

  13. yeah the same goes for me wearing a skirt and thigh highs and a crop top and a bra and I like all of it and it even looks pretty decent but it could look SO MUCH BETTER

  14. I wasn't questioning either, but I started just after

  15. experimenting and trying to take some time off of questioning as well can help

  16. if I was into that kind of stuff, being the girl would be so so so much better honestly

  17. I always link it, because I saved it myself, even though I barely make memes

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