1. We ran an online dating business, that had so many people charging back their spent money, that VISA and MasterCard were about to pull the rug on us. That meant we wouldn't be able to have any credit card transactions running on our platform. In order to prevent that, you must have a chargeback quote of less than 1%. In order to press that number down, our backend devs had built a tool that would generate fake transactions between 5 and 30 cents. The German Payment Provider Wirecard was well aware of this practice we were doing, but they nudged us to keep the transactions going as they were cashing in on transactions fees like crazy. Another payment provider called my boss 10 minutes after we started sending transactions that "whatever you are doing...stop doing it, we don't want it".

  2. Perhaps good for social contacts, but I never enjoyed it. Don't force yourself into things you don't enjoy. Not important I would say.

  3. In elementary school my mom brought me to school and saw two kids fighting on the school football field (one bully and the bullied). Some teachers witnessed it but refused to react. My mom dropped her bicycle and ran towards the kids and performed a perfect sliding tackle on the bully. All the kids in my class then said "Ohhhh did you hear what Tom's mom did!?" She enjoyed eternal respect (or was it fear?) of my classmates after that.

  4. Distribution of wealth. People that work their asses off can't pay their bills and talentless and loud YouTubers are driving Lambos. Something is wrong.

  5. The worker should earn more than the boss, simple. Throughout the entire history, NOONE pushed such thing. Essencially this would make getting a worker a big step and the boss would care way more

  6. It's super unfair indeed. I am a mid-level manager, if I have my stuff organized, my team will do all the work I prepared for them. I can sit back and work 20 hours per week if I have to. My sister works in social services and works with drunks and addicts, get confronted with aggression and ungratefulness on a daily basis. Mentally straining work, she earns way less than me, yet without workers like her society would collapse. Without people like me, it would be one less online shop.

  7. One thing I observed with some of my single friends; they have an extremely set picture of what their partner should be like. Throw that idea out the window, go with the flow, love will conquer that image. My partner wasn't at all what I had imagined my partner to be and I couldn't be happier where I am now. The prince(ss) on the white horse might turn out to be a frog after all.

  8. A kid in elementary school lost his glasses while playing in the sandbox. I buried them when I saw that happen (I must have been around age 6 or 7 by then). That kid was from a poor family and was going past the school for days asking if anyone had found his glasses. I never told him it was me. Makes me feel bad about myself.

  9. She wanted the best for me, even if I disagreed at times. She practically kicked me out of the house to go see the supermarket manager and ask for a job. Came back 60 minutes later with the message that I could start that same evening. That has benefited me to this day.

  10. Focus on your own world first. Surround yourself with people or creatures that make you happy, uplift you, develop you. There are macro factors in this world that you cannot influence. My father always said: Only worry about things you can influence, nothing else.

  11. What if you constantly feel like the world is against you?

  12. If that is the case, you remain with only yourself. Your own happiness is then made by yourself. That can be hard for sure, but self improvement has to start somewhere. Take small steps to begin with. Lack of movement? Take a daily 15 minute walk after getting up. Drinking too much caffeine? Mix it up with half decaf every cup. No social contacts? Join an organized neighborhood walk/bbq/...?

  13. Paul Giamatti, he is mostly a support actor, but he always carries that aspect.

  14. "Like", like everything like these bimbos but like like in every sentence, like what the hell!?

  15. You decide what you do. If you are happy with the place you are in, literally anything that you decide to undertake can influence your development and happiness. And everything is in your hand, 100% control, no concessions.

  16. Some emergencies don't need to be handled by the book. An employee of mine's mother in law died after a long sick bed, she had been a handful for my employee for such a long time that it even caused stress in his marriage. When she needed to be repatriated to her home country, he wanted to be there for his wife. However, he spent all of his vacation days already for that year. We kept it under wraps and he was gone for a whole week, without no one knowing anything. I now have a highly motivated worker that respects me for my choice to let him take care of business and take care of his family and the company won't earn a penny less because of what we did.

  17. Don't take too long in the bathroom. Companies love to try and control people's bodies, but honestly if I have to take a 10 minute poop I'm going to do it anyways, and the company will pay me for every minute of that poop

  18. Hell, I even save my poops to be during work time. Call it an investment in my productivity later in the day.

  19. If it makes you feel good, go ahead. All what should count is your own comfort. Don't care about opinions of others; makes your life unnecessarily miserable.

  20. All in all not too bad. Had all 4 removed in one stretch in November. Had the best sedation ever (not narcose, but a "twilight sleep" the surgeon called it), noticed nothing during extraction. Had minor bleeds afterward and was on pretty strong ibuprofen 600 for a week. Couldn't sleep on my sides for 5 days. Pain wasn't the biggest issue, but mostly food getting stuck in the sockets for up to 8 weeks afterward, which started fermenting. Later got a tool to spray out anything out of the sockets with water. Also really depends om the person and the services offered. I paid for an additional 3D skull scan so the surgeon could detail his approach even better to limit the risk of hitting any nerves.

  21. Gained 2 hours of free time every day and effectively more by working from home. I am saving the commute time, yet by being home I can also do small things between tasks or meetings like prepping food, clear out the dishwasher etc.. All time I gain for myself.

  22. Dark Brandon called Putin to say this:

  23. When I was stationed on an Aircraft Carrier in Japan some years ago I worked the night shift.

  24. Welcome to the Hotel Krasnyl Luch. Check in anytime you'd like...

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