TIFU by getting my Bestfriend pregnant

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  1. No one should ever be married at your age but besides that you need to get evidence and divorce him. Take it slow so you can get a safe divorce and just try to act natural so he doesn’t suspect anything

  2. Tell your dad and it’s best to not speak to your mom anymore cuz I can tell you with confidence that if she’s doing this she doesn’t love you or your father as much as she should cuz she’s not only cheating on your dad she’s cheating on you too because your all a family

  3. If you take her back you’re the dumbest human to exist. She doesn’t deserve you or your daughter and if you don’t take her back I’ll be praying for your failure cuz you’d be a complete moron

  4. I’d be pissed if I woke up to this cuz this is just literal rape

  5. Your dad got a 17 year old pregnant than moved away with her and is probably using the house and bills thing as leverage for any future huge arguments. Your dad is a human piece of trash and he needs to be put in prison. He played best friend to get with a dudes daughter and I understand your 13 but still this is very obviously wrong.

  6. “But why is this one bent at a 90 degree angle?”

  7. This one’s actually really good

  8. I don’t understand body stuff can someone explain this to me?

  9. I’m glad this story ended the way it did. I hope your child lives a healthy happy life op

  10. I feel bad but cmon man getting married in your twenties is usually a bad idea and having kids could be an even worse idea

  11. If he’s a gaslighter don’t even give him a chance to do it, just pack your bags and go to your parents or friends.

  12. The father only sees him when it’s convenient so theres no point in seeing him at all so I think you should go for full custody and cut all contact

  13. Actually all stereotypes tf? 💀

  14. I'm not really into mother son incest so no. Also kinda tired of the racial aspect of these. It's pretty racist to see a black guy fucking your mom/gf as more degrading than any other race.

  15. Fr and it’s genuinely racist like you said. Also I don’t understand how people get off to disturbing stories like this. Like the son hung himself in the 2nd part and she still has sex with the bully? Any mother in that situation would have stopped and regretted it not make fun of her son ☠️ like I know it’s just NTR but still it just makes me feel weird and kinda angry

  16. Don't worry it's just fiction, I'm sure it wouldn't play out like this IRL, Though worst things have happened IRL tbh.

  17. No I’d just cut ties with my mom if she pulled something like this. Cuz if she’s having s3x with my bully then when he does some dumb sh1t and starts being abusive she’ll come crying back and then I can kick her to the curb with no remorse

  18. Controlling his daughter like he groomed the mother. It all comes out in the end. Right now dad looks like a saint but eventually op will look back and go oh, oh wow.

  19. That’s what I’m thinking cuz I think she’ll either realize it with all these comments or she’ll have an epiphany a few years down the line and be like “oh wow, this guys not a good person.” But idk I’m just hoping for a positive update

  20. I always assume the “other than this she’s an amazing girlfriend” is code for “she’s hot and/or lets me do crazy stuff in bed.”

  21. Look up what a condom is sometime. It’ll save you from this situation in the future

  22. Idk if she’s your first girlfriend or sumn but she’s cheating bruh. If they haven’t done things with eachother yet they probably will. I don’t wanna freak you out but it’s probably time to leave the relationship cuz she’s very clearly interested in him.

  23. It sucks it didn’t work out but I wish the best for both of you

  24. Your very immature. My 42 year old mom is dating a 25 year old guy and I’m not the biggest fan of him but am I gonna start swinging on him for no reason? Hell no

  25. Nah, take your words back. I'm just being normal here. Her "boyfriend" can be her son, he's just 26 and I'm 19. Not gonna happen in my house, never!

  26. “Take your words back” tf you gonna do about it 💀

  27. You did a really good job in this situation so NTA

  28. Cut off all contact and just wait. She’ll realize it eventually and regret everything

  29. I’m praying she pulls through man 🙏

  30. I’d say cut her off until she realizes it but then I realized this post is 4 years old. I hope everything worked out.

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