1. Send her a picture of yourself eating $30 worth of tacos.

  2. The ghost of Thomas Jefferson when you're no longer allowed to own black people:

  3. Can you help me define a nonvanishing continuous tangent vector field on an even-dimensional n-sphere?

  4. Ah, but it is also awfully close to 4/5ths, which is awfully close to 5/5ths, which means everyone supports striking healthcare workers. Checkmate person I'm responding to (and theists apparently).

  5. Dafuq you mean nowadays? Characters being dumb as shit in the name of comedy has been super common for a really long time.

  6. If you go back to the original tweet, they replied to themselves saying "I am a mentally sound individual." Absolutely 100% satire.

  7. Star blocks Qb7#, but Qh8# still seems to be up for grabs.

  8. Redditors on their way to call the most mild inconvenience or slight annoyance abuse:

  9. I see this as a good thing: They are finally admitting that the 900 years old dragon loli is, in fact, a loli.

  10. Did they ever deny that? I thought the issue was that they would use that as an excuse to say they weren't children. Even the term "loli" in and of itself seems to be a workaround so they don't have to say the word "child." It sounds better to them to say they like lolis than it does to say they like characters that look like children. I don't think they ever used this as an excuse to not call them lolis. It's always been about not calling them "children."

  11. I can't tell you how many times I've thought, "Please never serve on a jury." They've got some unusual ideas about what constitutes evidence.

  12. What kind of idiot needs to see evidence while on jury duty? Just do

  13. I think these are the clues for Jambalaya, Gumbo, and Samedi's hand.

  14. I agree. Gay men should not marry lesbians. I don't think that's what they were going for, but it seems they may have accidentally been correct.

  15. It's easy. Just murder yourself and then refuse to press charges.

  16. Since a tower is considerably larger than a lady(as long as it's not your mom), the king cannot tell that it is in double check. It simply cannot see your queen. So even though it's technically against the rules, the refs let it slide because there was no way for your opponent's king to know.

  17. If you meant to say "then he has to move," then yes. I believe so.

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