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  1. At first glance I thought that small mill was sitting on an upturned plastic tub with its lid on the top 🤣

  2. Probably this. I have a TB3 dock from elgato, from which I’ve got two 4K displays connected. I’m getting 4k144 out from a USB-C to HDMI 2.1 cable, and regular 4k60 (on a 4k60 display) via a DisplayPort to USB-C cable. I was surprised myself when the 4k144 started working with HDMI because if I plug in a USB-C to DisplayPort 1.4 cable it maxes out at 98Hz for some reason.

  3. I've always wondered, and there may already be an obvious answer, but how do you left/right click?

  4. I should move my backspace to left thumb. Could be a way to correct faster. I’ll never use that button any other way anyway. Who spaces with left thumb?

  5. I'm a right hander and I do. I don't know why, but looking at my boards shiny spot, it's definitely the only space key I use. Maybe I'm putting that useless thumb to use?

  6. I’m about to join you (next couple of weeks)! Any advice about the birth?

  7. If you're going 10G anyway I personally went for the X10SDV. They're about 250 on ebay atm although you can wait and get them cheaper, and they have 6x sata3 ports along with dual 10g rj45

  8. Can you link to some of these $250 X10SDV boards? Everything I'm turning up is way above that.

  9. Thanks for that! I guess because I was looking for the ones with the SFP+ option 🤔

  10. I had this happen on a win 10 pc recently running blueiris after the November or December update. Going through the Windows event logged showed Windows crashing from a bug check or something and rebooting. This started on the date reported of the last update.

  11. Sorry, I now realise my first post wasn't as clear. I was referring to windows updates.

  12. Brah, did you take this picture at the tip? Is the background an on purpose art thing?

  13. I don't touch network gear too much any more but one of the things I learned the hard way:

  14. This is a great tip and something I'll take on board. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Unfortunately if the HA is working the new config was synchronized to the standby. Check if you can get in through the console. It depends on if you enabled Aaa on the console.

  16. Thanks for the detailed reply! Luckily, the config was synced but not saved to startup config. So disconnecting the standby unit and rebooting it gave the previous config back, which I quickly grabbed a backup of.

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