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  1. Too bad, they gonna activate my trap card "buying the dip" 🤣🤣🤣

  2. Mods!! Please remove and send OP to the gulag, he is posting about Nordstrom. Big no no!!

  3. Why? It is RC, and he is the big guy.

  4. My interpretation of "a once great american company with overpaid execs" is the complete opposite of any type endorsement lol (not financial advice)

  5. They already stated they still have a long way to go AND NFT marketplace revenue/operation costs were left out for fiscal year 2022 per 10k reporting.

  6. Didn’t know that about the marketplace being left out. Still very curious about cost to maintain vs income of that - any decent recommendation on posts that have info on that ?

  7. Unfortunately i do not. I can at least say that you can see part of the profits Gamestop has made on their branded NFTs via their wallet on etherscan.

  8. DRS movement started becausee we wanted to remove shares from the DTCC. It wasn't because of a possible nft dividend. We were the ones hyping it, so we only have ourselves to blame

  9. Gonna be honest, im probably gonna drs my stocks well after moass too.

  10. What’s funny is you think all this digital asset money is being converted to fiat 😂

  11. What's funny is that they confirmed it via 2022 Q3 call that they convert to fiat to mitigate crypto risk AND you can see that Gamestop's crypto wallet is doing fiat conversion via transactions with a crypto exchange.

  12. Serious question: what’s happened with the prices of the original batch of NFTs? Have they increased or decreased in value? Are they reselling a bunch or are they parked? Etc.

  13. Short answer; looks like gamestop sold them all in 10 mins. Unless GameStop mints more, the price is determined by third parties who bought during initial offering.

  14. Nice grab! Honestly, there is no shame in supporting a company you believe in, not financial advice.

  15. This is the lowest wallstreet could get away with having to report. Lets be real 😰

  16. Yall are dumb, its a wild Bottom Text. Its right there in the pic 🤦‍♂️

  17. Didn't they just restructure their debt? Already miss the first payment?

  18. 109 billion Guaranteed for Debit Swiss unwind is wild lmao 🤣

  19. This isn’t “new” news I don’t think - I’m pretty sure it was posted a few days ago that 100b of that loan was just to cover premiums (interest) and didn’t even touch the position

  20. This article was posted by cnn 11 ago hours as of writing. If you have any sources that reported this earlier, pls feel free to post in comments 👍

  21. Oh it’s gonna exceed $5.4 billion alright….

  22. Probably not a good idea to yolo taxpayer cash into bank bonds rn nfa 🤔

  23. But, Citadel doesnt actually have any holdings? Its all shorts right? 🤔

  24. If you wanna ad some sauce to that "trust me bro" check out the Quarterly Derivatives report from the Comptroller of the Currency (that is not a typo).

  25. Actual degeneracy. They had warnings and decided to fight the fed. YOU NEVER FIGHT THE FED (nfa) 😡😡😡😡😡😡


  27. Post split yeah lol. Thanks for predicting 3x more shares in my account 😜

  28. I dont like how many accounts are agreeing with Ken Griffin saying they don't think depositors at sbv should have been bailed out

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