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  1. It may be part of a diagnostic procedure for service. As an example I have to solder a 4k7 resistor between two test points to check the transmitter tuning on certain models of metal detectors. It would be convenient if the right resistor was already there waiting.

  2. There is a threw-hole where one post solders but not for the other post. And the solder appears to be factory, not as a second thought... And of course there are no service manuals to be found

  3. If it's for a purpose like I'm describing you would hook your scope ground to ground, one channel to the resistor end that's floating and the other channel to some other point to compare a phase shift between the two but again that's for tuning, not sure what it's purpose would be for that particular device without seeing the circuit. Intriguing though

  4. The best answer I could get. You're a wonderful person. Thank you!

  5. When I was 6, my mom had gotten me a hamster, and my sister a bird. We would take them out of their cages and interact with them together until the bird started showing aggression towards the hamster. So my mom made it a rule that we only had them out in our own rooms.

  6. First off, all you "you da ho"s... Stop it. It's not funny anymore. After living here for 24 years, I still hear it once a day. (At least)

  7. Search Zingyou BM-800 on Amazon, thank me later. If you want to hear it, pop into chat. Twitch name matches.

  8. Once he starts, you feel obligated to let him finish...

  9. Ouch. I was afraid of that. These are expensive.

  10. If you have solder experience, you can order replacement batteries and swap them out. If you don't have that expertise, you can browse my profile and find my shop, ship them to me, and I can offer that repair.

  11. I hope you don't mind me sharing a short story.

  12. Uh, miss... Did you get dressed in the dark? Cuz you put your legs on backwards.

  13. I don’t really trust bottleneck calculators or any calculators, they don’t reflect real world usage. They’re not the most accurate and they don’t have the best reputation in the PC building community. I’d prefer to use YouTube instead.

  14. I can respect that. But I've been building PCs for quite some time. I own a business of fixing electronics and building PCs/servers. While it will do fine in this case, if OP wants to use Ultra settings in games, or stream and game with multiple monitors, they'll need to upgrade at some point. That link compares 2 CPUs. So, compared to the i9 it's about a 20% loss. But compared to other i5s, it'll hold it's own.

  15. Thought that ultra puts more strain on GPU, not CPU. Also for streaming, you can just use the NVENC encoder which doesn’t have too much impact on FPS but (but I guess if you want CPU encoding then that makes more sense. Gaming with multiple monitors, then I would get a better CPU.

  16. Thank you for the respectful debate. Good to see respect where it's due. GG

  17. Weed in Idaho is jail time I believe. Probably not worth it I’d assume.

  18. Its not worth jail time but if you put some thought into it it's not hard to bring wee vapes and a lil if you're flying within the U.S. Just have to be smart about it. I dont go anywhere without something.

  19. Same. Carts for on my vape battery. I've ripped in parking lots in a pinch. Nobody looks twice. It's just stupid af that we are surrounded by some form of legality and our state leaders are too fucking dumb to realize how easy to get it is, number one... And number two, what it can do for our economy.

  20. "Thanks. Hey, do you have any anxiety, for me to dip in?"

  21. That orange/yellow diode at the top with the brown spot on it... Give that a test.

  22. Also, that white residue is either dry flux or corrosion. Is there liquid damage? As far as you're aware

  23. I own an electronics repair shop and stream it to

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