William Shatner: My Trip to Space Filled Me With ‘Overwhelming Sadness’

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Megathread: Biden Pardoning All Federal Marijuana Possession Offenses and Initatiating Process to Federally Re-Schedule Marijuana

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Unmarked speed enforcement vehicles now throughout Denver

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  1. Those are all the bottom shoots lol, it’s okay I can tell how someone like yourself may confuse these for tops.

  2. Don't be a dick. They may not have seen the stem, just the beautiful buds. It is just as easy not to be a dick.

  3. I'm not sure if they do but Smoker Friendly might have them.

  4. I cleaned our laCrusset incorrectly for years. Now the glazing is basically gone on the bottom. Since this was owner error I didn’t try for a warranty replacement.

  5. I would just ask, you never know and the worst they can say is no. My favorite saying is "closed mouths don't get fed". Just explain to them what happened, and don't lie, they might replace it for you. It is worth at try at least.

  6. I like that saying. I like to say the answer is always no if you don’t ask.

  7. I like that one! Another I like is you miss 100% of the shots you don't take which is a Wayne Gretzky quote from my understanding.

  8. How does one man own Siriusxm? Its a publicly traded company? Its primary shareholder is the Liberty Media Company and its CEO John C Malone.


  10. He was good in so many things, but he was such a perfect fit for Snape and he played it so well. Really made the tension between Harry and Snape palpable.

  11. Colorado doesnt usually go Dem? Thought they would

  12. Denver is mostly Dem, but Colorado is a very rural state and therefore most Republican sadly.

  13. This is just a grow tent, my guess would be a 4x8 or a 5x10. You can buy them on Amazon. Vivosun (which I think this tent is) is very popular. I have several for my weed plants and that work great

  14. You can save this post up in the top right corner of your on mobile. Or you just be able to add the document to Google.

  15. My brother-in-law raises quail for eggs. Can’t keep up with the demand

  16. That's pretty cool! Forgive my ignorance but how do they do that? Is it similar to farming eggs from chickens?

  17. I have no idea honestly. I was just surprised to see fresh quail eggs in my Costco lol. I literally had to loop back around because I didn't think I saw it correctly

  18. I don't know how I haven't seen it yet but Heath Ledger as the Joker. He did such an incredible job with the role. Terrible shame what happened to him!

  19. If I remember correctly, I remember seeing somewhere that wage slavery is cheaper than actual slavery. They don't have to provide housing, clothing, food and anything else that comes with owning a slave. Just pay your low wage and you buy everything, and they make more money too. It is quite scary how everything is playing out.

  20. Streamable removed it. Could you upload again please?

  21. You don't know until you smoke it :P

  22. So I actually got to try one of them (Bubba Kush) last night. I chopped them down like 14 days ago and it seemed mostly dry but not enough to trim yet. Left one of the buds outside of the tent for a few hours and smoked it. It was pretty freaking good. Still need to cure it though.

  23. Well it isn't my first run ever. Just in living soil. But after I watched all of the build-a-soil videos I felt pretty confident. Forgot to grow I would check back with them just to make sure I'm doing things right.

  24. I don't say this often but you're wrong and I don't want you to spread incorrect information when it comes to drying. Especially since it is almost the most important part of the entire grow. At 60% humidity, you cannot grow mold.

  25. This is all wrong. Mold can grow at almost any rh. Certain molds like botrytis are inhibited below 50% but this kind of blanket statement is in fact the problem with the internet bro scientists like yourself.

  26. So I was wrong about the mold, I will admit that. However, you're still wrong about the humidity and dry times. Also, at least 2 other people said 60/60 so it clearly isn't all "in my mind".

  27. The TS 1000 is only a 150 watt light. I don't think that other light you have is very powerful either. You will be significantly under value when it comes to watts per square foot. You need 30 watts per at minimum. If you try to grow without even the minimum, you'll not get the greatest bud out of it.

  28. I have ADHD and it was interesting enough that I read the whole thing so, yup. Go read it.

  29. So this almost seems like a shit post, but on the chance that it isn't, it seems you have a few options. You can either do soil or soilless hydro (coco). First you'll need pots with drainage as other have said. Either plastic pots with drainage holes or fabric pots. I use grassroots pots personally (30 gallon).

  30. I mean someone else can correct me if I'm wrong but that's just taking mushrooms. Microdosing is about the benefits of taking very small amounts to improve more with mood but not enough to feel "high" or get a tolerance.

  31. I’m also new and got a syringe from them that looked exactly like this. I didn’t know it wasn’t supposed to be like that (I feel dumb as shit) and all of the cakes injected with that syringe got really bad contam. Not sure if it’s because of that but yeah, I also got one like this from them!

  32. Reach out to them. They replaced mine for free without question or proof. However make sure DO NOT say you used them and got contaim. Just say you got one with something other than spores in it

  33. Right. But then as soon as they do get the ticket, all they need to do is pay what they owe. There are bigger fish to fry

  34. It's also not safe because when registering for your car, you have to prove that you have insurance. I'm going to guess a decent amount of these people with expired plates also don't have insurance.

  35. I've never needed to prove insurance when renewing registration, only during the initial registration

  36. That's because they have it on file. I'm pretty sure if you change insurance, you need to show them again. However, the expired paper tags are not renewals, they are new registrations.

  37. What is your price point? And do you have a med card?

  38. What I’m saying is the breeder is selecting cultivars that do best in their environment. If their environment is living soil the they are going to select plants that do the best in living soil. Also these plants that we grow now are far from the landrace varieties that grow in the wild. A plant that has been bread for many generations indoor will not do as well outdoors. There are many more stresses and pests outdoor and the plants selected for indoor growing won’t have the same resistance as plants bread in outdoor environments. It’s all about genetic selection.

  39. Again we don't know what cultivars are best in what environment. We literally don't know. Anything that we would potentially be basing that off of would be anecdotal and not based anything in science. And as I said in another post, breeders are not going for those selections. Even plants that have been bred indoors for many generations would still probably thrive outdoors too. I'm sure there are some plants that like to be indoors but that doesn't mean they have to be.

  40. Again it is all about the environment that the plant is bread in. Soil is a type of environment, and if a plant that is genetically selected because it does well in living soil its offspring will do better in a living soil. For example, nature has selectively bred oranges to do well in florida and not in Montana. They are climatized to tropical environments. Will they grow in Montana, yes. Will they do well in Montana, no. Science. Humans have also been cultivating and selecting plants with strong traits that grow well in their environment for centuries.

  41. Bro what you're talking about takes literally hundreds of years, not a few years in someones house or warehouse. Good genetics are good genetics. A plant doesn't lose its resistance just because it's not seen or used. How do you know that the plants indoors don't fight of some of the same pests/molds as outdoors? Mold is literally everywhere. You are literally breathing in mold spores currently. They might not be subject to them as much, but they could still have those problems and still fight them off.

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