EXACT email Apex Clearing sent to 100s of its brokers on the January day of the multi-broker buy freeze that tanked target stocks artificially

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  1. This dip shit of a human being criminal must be audited.

  2. Clear manipulation. Fuck the SEC for letting this continue for so long

  3. Cokerat isn't really a person. More like a piece of shit

  4. If this shit were to happen, i think GameStop can pivot and move out of the USA?

  5. Mine is a cool fuck you USD741 trillion per share.

  6. Because I'm a non-EU resident living in the EU. Setting up brokerages is near impossible for me. This was one of the few brokerages that allowed me to trade US assets for a fee.

  7. The real degenerate regardeds of our time. lol.

  8. We will remember this transgression When the world changes soon, we won't forget and forgive

  9. Imagine that. The robbers even steal a title of a film

  10. DOJ when the fuck are you gonna do some real arrest?

  11. Most protected man on the planet. Not for long.

  12. A visionary. A hard worker. A genius. RC is my dad.

  13. How long do they think they can contain the 99%? We see the greed and evil in full view

  14. They are the true degenerate gamblers idiot money.

  15. They theoretically can never if apes diamond hand forever.

  16. Unfortunately legal efforts will take years if not decades- and there is no guarantee that they will be found guilty. MSM and Wallstreet have so much money to hire top lawyers. They don't give a fuck.

  17. Freedom of speech does not cover lies and defamation

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