Texas Gov. Greg Abbott easily wins re-election, beating Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke, NBC News projects

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

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  1. Days 5-8 coming off a long bender always make me manic. Have you tried playing the bass guitar? I force myself to play music even though the booze has stolen the joy from it. Listen to some bosstones or the slickers.

  2. Big fan of the bosstones and slackers. Bass was my main for the first few years but i burnt on music after i built my studio and ran out of Money as soon as my band was getting out of state gig offers. Band van blew the transmisión And real life issues slowed everything down. Touring fell out of reach and i get emotionally fucked everytime i open the project files to our unreleased EP. The financial details aré what fucked me, went on a splurge buying useless shit with crédit cards when i thought i was going to die from alcohol withdrawals and simultenously going through cannabis psychosis

  3. Many musicians who had similar successes you had have similar stories of not making it and drug/alcohol abuse have turned life around and are now living happy. Some can do it with alcohol, most can't. What is marijuana psychosis? Is it long lasting or something that occurs with continued use?

  4. That deer in the headlights look when the wifey opens the garage door and your necking the plastic 5th of Aristocrat. The horror and shame. Try the breaking down crying "I have a problem" move. Sometimes it works but oh the shame.

  5. They are tough on that Ozzie. I've sent 4 in over the years and only 1 didn't OC. That's from PSA, you might be able to use one of the other bootleg graders and get away with it.

  6. Man, this sucks. I just fought for joint custody a few days ago and was told that because my ex won't agree to it, that's that. Unless she robs a liquor store while on a meth binge, she'll automatically get full legal custody.

  7. I try not to compare my divorce with children to my parents divorce which my mom did the right thing. Times have changed and the system has created a very different type of woman.

  8. If I know Topps like I think I know Topps, they will give him some great cards in return to assure he is satisfied. They are after all the unicef of the trading card world.

  9. NVDA up 40% this month heading into their shitty earnings. PUTS :18632:

  10. After three failure now, can we finally agree that Beto is unelectable in Texas? He has damaged himself to a point that is unrecoverable. Maybe democrats need to find a better option for the next go around.

  11. I'm in a great place financially. However alcohol still beats the shit out of me and affects my life negatively. It doesn't discriminate.

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