1. now I like to think that I know most tigers players and I have to ask who the fuck is Tyler Holton

  2. Kreidler will be on the team before long, if he doesn’t make it. He might need some full time at bats in Toledo. I get the sentiment, though. Add Zach Short to that list too.

  3. Trade back, that would-be #6 pick is Kancey, #18 is Witherspoon or Branch?

  4. Kancey is more likely to be available at 18 than witherspoon and Branch is redundant after singing CJJ

  5. Do I think we shared up the defensive backs room after these pickups? Absolutely, but after this year, how many of those DBs will still be on contract?

  6. "I feel disrespected, I'm going to leave the team for less money and go to a non-contender, that'll show them"

  7. I don't think it's about owning the eagles at all I just think he's trying to get the biggest bag possible. This is how I see it

  8. After seeing the wings and pistons get repeatedly jail sexed I’ll pass.

  9. Add in Baez and Schoop, that feels awfully like an opening day lineup.

  10. Like it even matters. The Fords are still here.

  11. True but the current Ford regime have taken a "let the football men take care of the football" approach

  12. I can maybe see the Bucs working out for him? If Richardson falls that far, which is likely.

  13. Can I have some of what you're on most mock draft don't have him escaping the top 5 I wouldn't even say that the Lions being in position to take him at 6 is likely

  14. Panthers take Young. Texans take Stroud. Colts take Levis. Lions don’t need a Quarterback. Raiders might take Richardson but McDaniels won’t adapt to his play style. Jets might take him if Rodgers falls through. That leaves the Bucs.

  15. Even if he gets past the top 7 which again I don't think is likely you're ignoring quite a few teams

  16. Lions have beat him 3 times in a row. They’ll just lose in the Wild Card round. Let these clowns celebrate lmao

  17. Lions taking two WRs and no RB or OG is…something. I like the first round I don’t hate the move for Mayer, but I’m not crazy about it either.

  18. Yeah most of my reactions were along the lines of "I mean I don't hate this but they're about 3 guys I'd rather get"

  19. If Anderson falls to us at 6 it's going to be because 1-4 QB's 5 Seattle overthinks it and takes Murphy some other reach

  20. Also... conspiracy that nfl owners are conspiring against Lamar. Not because Lamar, but just that Deshaun set a precedent that no one else wants to live up to with fully guaranteed large contracts.

  21. Is it really a conspiracy I mean if you sell bananas for a million dollars each is it a conspiracy that nobody is buying them

  22. I understand your point. However, qbs in the past, especially qbs as good as lamar, have gotten ridiculous contracts (kirk cousins comes to mind) beyond what anyone thought they were worth. The rumor is that nfl owners got together and all agreed no more fully guaranteed contracts. That is wildly illegal in terms of the collective bargaining agreement

  23. While I'm nowhere near qualified enough to confirm or deny the rumors of collusion I think it's very possible GM's are bulking at his price especially after the Wilson/Watson trade seriously backfired but that just a theory

  24. Greenes predicition seems reasonable, but what drugs were you smoking when you made that torkelson predicition, I’d be happy if he just had. 700 ops this season, you’re on something else if you think he’s getting to 770

  25. I mean his saber metrics suggests he should hitting just below league average so it's far from impossible

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