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  1. My gender is in my life and my parents will not have a lot to me anymore

  2. Had to ask what year it was. I forgot it's 2021 for a sec there.

  3. Had to ask what year it was. I forgot it's 2021 for a sec there.

  4. 1: when you get up in the morning, go outside and look at the sky (if it is not light yet you can wait). This helps with your circadian rhythm (body clock)

  5. I think my friends dont like me and i dont know how to fix this or make more friends. Im always lonely

  6. Find another adult (grandparent, aunt/uncle, teacher) to advocate for you. Tell them you need some help talking to your mom about getting some help for your mental health.

  7. My only surviving relative is my homophobic uncle :|

  8. Do you have a school counselor you could talk to.

  9. There is a new one this year who I don't really trust/ I dont know here well enough to feel comfortable enough with.

  10. I don't think this is a stroke, I think someone was intentionally trying to be confusing

  11. Maybe they didn't have a stroke, but I definitely did trying to read it.

  12. No, I thought I would have a nice job wife and kids. Instead I got horrible anxiety, OCD, Asperger's depression and rarely leave the house for any reason. ( Or maybe I am just a lazy coward) I feel like I completed my life 25 years ago and have just been sitting around waiting for the end to come for the last couple of decades.

  13. I dont have enough experience, to know but heres my advice for all it's worth. Im sorry If I sound rude or condescending. Maybe you need a hobby? Or a pet?

  14. No. But I think it turned out in an equal or likely better way, but it's not what I dreamed of as a kid or in college

  15. I got woken up by s c r e a m i n g at night. Very loud screaming. Sounded like someone was being murdered.

  16. I remember in 2nd grade one of my classmates said that someone broke into their house at night, made dinner, and then left. The teacher went along with it and I never thought much of it, but looking back it makes me wonder what kind of bullshit teachers hear and just have to go with it.

  17. Not me but I had a friend who was really, really afraid of bananas.

  18. I'm not sure if this answers the question but here is a story from my sad social life.

  19. After wearing it all day, I forget that it's there.

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