1. While accurate to some extent it's not Scott's render. Two- yeah, the UV Mapping on the Withered's is kind of terrible

  2. No this is a fan render and model. Most likely the Help Wanted model to be more accurate or just a remodel entirely.

  3. funtfred ~ always ready for a surprise

  4. funtfred ~ Always ready for a surprise.

  5. that's entirely on you for thinking that.

  6. I've had the same if not similar issue. My pc can handle most other games, but with this update it's caused my pc to just completely screw itself over after playing the game for a period of time. I noticed the game also eats up a lot of my memory as well.

  7. Wow this is awesome! How is this done? As someone who plays minecraft a lot myself I'm really curious.

  8. Every time I see fanart like this I wonder what this game could’ve been if they didn’t make it more kid friendly to sell merchandise

  9. thanks, but please don't compare my art and the game like this. seeing comments like this demotivates me to make shit like this even more.

  10. Puppet by TangoTeds and FNaF 1 Retextures by Justie_Is_Real

  11. Model by UFMP. Retextured by Justie_Is_Real

  12. Model by Steel Wool and port by me

  13. Glamrock Freddy retexture by @/GsstudiosY

  14. (also sorry mods I didn't mean to post this twice reddit is stinky sometimes.)

  15. yeah why DID YOU spend so much time. this ended up scarily well what the hell.

  16. This is actually awesome. I adore this

  17. model by ufmp and ports by RazvanAndrei123

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