1. A unique (purple items) only playthrough on very hard makes the game soo much better. Gold sets as well can form pretty strong builds. They look way better than crafted gear as well. To be fair, though, you can still make non crafted combinations that will be crazy powerful. I've got a Blademaster that uses all purple items and can kill a root golem in 4 seconds. I made a Champion that was invulnerable to almost every type of damage. Took a while to kill things, but it was a tank.

  2. I feel like I never managed to find a full set tho. Always 2-3 items missing even by endgame. Is there some trick to it? Without DLC I mean

  3. There's a chest reset farming trick you can use to respawn all the chests on certain parts of the map by traveling to in-between places. If you have the dlc, you can farm Gham Bleur after duping some gold. There are a few guaranteed sets from factions like warsworn, travelers (I think), Scholia Arcana, House of ballads, etc. There's a quest line in Klurikon that gets you the Bolgans Bane might set as well. And I think the arena gives you a set as well.

  4. Parry. It's a thrusting weapon. People who use them are pretty much begging for a riposte.

  5. hahahahaha so funny and original and hilarious and not overdone and boring just funny and so cool wow hahahahahahahaha

  6. i’m not being sarcastic it’s sooooooooo funny try finger but hole omg so good and funny do you get it guys the joke is that you can say that in the game and it’s referring to fingering your anus isn’t that so hilarious and fun and cool

  7. Give him a set of blue or purple heartland conquerer set. Traited for xp. With a weapon traited for xp. Any xp scrolls your friends has or gets, the better.

  8. A Witcher in non Witcher armour is stupid, but especially plate armour lol.

  9. Well, Griffin School gear is light plate armor, and it's Witcher armor.

  10. The only set that can compete with witcher sets IMO is the Hen Gaidth set. It's resistances are 2nd only to ursine gear. It's only weakness is no elemental resistance, but that's easily mitigated by oils, skills, and a particular decoction. It also hands down has one of the most useful perks of any armor set, and that's a 6% heal on kill. Setup correctly, you can't die.

  11. On old gen, I ran a ursine euphoria build. Was determined to use griffin/signs this time around, and they're just straight up busted. I didn't even need to swing my sword. Combat got pretty boring. I then tinkered with a Euphoria signs build for a bit before falling in love with the Hen Gaidth set, due to it covering my death looking toxic face.

  12. Tell me 3 games in which staves are 1 handed plz.

  13. So nothing to do with mmos and in all of those games you can wield any weapon with 1 or 2 hands

  14. Moving the goalposts, lol. You said name 3 games that you can use staffs in one hand. Not name 3 mmos.

  15. Could do death insta kill glitch. When I do it legit, I farm the skeletons that spawn at night over where where the Wight is in Barta Crags. As long as you don't kill him, he'll keep summoning more skeletons. On HM, it's a good gold farm, too.

  16. Cannot fucking stand the dude anymore. First few months were alright, but now it's been a few years, and he's still going. I adore Alinor, but he makes me hate being out in the open. I hang out in my house to avoid seeing zone chat.

  17. I wanted a warden companion but despise argonians. Looks like Mirri is sticking around.

  18. The Necrom Deluxe Collection version has all the previous chapters included. You may have to get certain dungeon packs separately in game in the crown store.

  19. Hate to burst the bubble, but this has been known since back on original release. Handy for farming unique items and sets. Gham bluer is even easier though.

  20. Yeah might hits a point especially might sorc where you have all the buffs up and can spam wrath and incredibly fast whirlwinds and everything dies even faster than meteors. It’s really awesome at first but gets old fast even on very hard. It’s almost too good. I think where it feels weakest is early-mid game especially on hybrids where you don’t have relentless assault maxed and need to start fighting strong enemies regularly.

  21. Finesse, ESPECIALLY Finesse/Might is stronger than pure Might in almost every way. The bow, hands down, has the strongest single target dps in the game. With max crit chance, the crit damage, bleed, and poison that Finesse weapons do utterly eclipse might weapons in every way. Along with the destinies being better as well.

  22. Have you ever tried pure sorcery? You can start our pretty squishy, but I think its the mist overpowered build, especially getting those end game spells, where you can take out rooms of people in a few seconds, and your mana barely dips. The only annoyance left are trolls, that can still kill you in two good hits and are resistant to magical damage. Likewise, chakrams are amazing at crowd control!

  23. Trolls and other magic resist enemies is what makes Finesse/Sorcery or Finesse/Might stronger than pure Sorcery. It has next to no defense and can't handle magic resistant enemies very well. For instance, with pure sorcery, it takes a bit to kill a root golem with meteor. A Finesse/Might can roll up and delete it in a few seconds. Without even needing crafted gear.

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