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  1. My oldest brother told me that he was once having a tantrum in a restaurant, my dad took his hand and walked him away from the table and they stood outside the restaurant. He said something along the lines of "you're not doing that in there, we're not going back in until you're done."

  2. I didn’t use those exact words but I did the same thing with my 3 year old in a toy store two weeks ago. Carried him out screaming and only went back in to look at the Lego section when he cut the screaming tantrum and was acting normal again. Worked very quickly

  3. LMAO, your befuddlement pleases us. Welcome, friend, haha. We are trained in PRIMARY SCHOOL for this! (Well, I was)

  4. Yep one of my first Physical Education memories was learning the nut bush in grade 1

  5. Same. I had Covid back at the start of Feb and this winter I’m just getting virus after virus. I had half a day of not being sick last Monday before I got a migraine that was the start of another damn virus. Usually I just have what seems like a very mild cold through winter because my nose hates cold air.

  6. I agree with the other comments saying to go to a dr & get some therapy as well, but I can sympathize with the child choosing one parent every damn night. My son did that for so long and the only thing that stopped it was me going to another room & my husband sticking it out for 3 nights in a row. After that we took turns and didn’t let it get to more than 2-3 days in a row of me or we had to do the 3 day thing again. It was so hard sitting in the other room listening to the crying but if you can try to block that out for a few days while you know your child is safe with dad then it could work for your child too. Either way I hope you can find some solution soon before you have a complete mental breakdown

  7. NTA. My husband pulls this kinda shit every time I leave for a night out or any event that he’s not invited to. My work Christmas party last year he was texting me the whole time starting from 30 minutes into the event. With him it’s only texting though but even work staff meetings he’s trying to text about irrelevant stuff

  8. Strawberry season is approximately May-October but this year the stupid cold snap and horrible weather we had last month wreaked havoc on the strawberry plants. The farm near my house is usually open every day of strawberry season and they’ve had to close 3 times this year from just having no berries left in the patches

  9. If you need the spot in January it’s best to start looking around & doing tours now (gut feeling but also look at how the staff interact with the kids, with each other etc, look at the condition of the building itself, the toys, whether the children appear well looked after and content). The daycare I work at had a lot of new babies start at the end of January as that’s when the biggest shuffle of rooms occurs because the Kindy kids go off to school.

  10. After my first baby I had to go into hospital for mastitis which is an awful and painful breast infection due to blockage from breastfeeding. The male nurse doing my examination was very professional and asked for permission to do a breast exam. I said yes. He then went and came back with a female nurse colleague who simply stood and watched as he did the inspection. I suppose it’s to cover his ass against crazy patients who might claim he was inappropriate during the exam.

  11. When I was 36 weeks pregnant I had an unexplained bleed and the dr had to bring in a female just to stand in the corner while he tried to see where the bleeding was coming from. I know it’s just to cover themselves & protect everybody but it also makes it more awkward having someone watching medical procedures like that.

  12. Yes I reckon but trust me they don’t care, they’ve probably seen so much human body in medical context that they’re jaded af lol I told a nurse once I didn’t want her to check my pad after giving birth to my first baby because I said it’s gross and she laughed at me and said OH HUNNY don’t worry THIS IS MY JOB 😂

  13. After birth I literally didn’t care anymore. I had one stupid nurse ignore my concerns about the blood level causing me to lose around 1l of blood within 4 hours instead of that issue being dealt with immediately, so after that scare I was terrified and actually called a midwife in to check the size of a clot in the toilet later that day

  14. I am so petty I would only cook pasta, with a side of rice and potatoes.

  15. Spaghetti & garlic bread one night. Lasagne the next 😂. Fish & chips too for an easy night

  16. I took my kid to Paw Patrol LIVE a few years ago. It was a surprise & as we were walking in I asked “who’s your favorite Paw Patrol character?” & he responded with “I don’t like Paw Patrol anymore.”

  17. If my son does that in May when we go to Paw Patrol live I might just throttle him. Right now he’s annoyingly obsessed though, on Friday he watched the stupid mighty pups 40 minute long thing 4 times in a fricken row

  18. It was a post back around thanksgiving time, there are some terrible home cooks out there

  19. Precisely. Poor kids. N who dfuck needs 7? Even if you have the resources. N specially if you're as stupid n selfish as Op

  20. As someone who is child 4 of 7 and got stuck raising the younger ones I fully agree and there is no way in hell I’m having more than 3 kids tops. So far I just have 1 and I’m over 30, not rushing too much to have another

  21. Hey, 4 of 8 here and same happened to me (what is it about being the fourth?)

  22. My mums excuse was I was the most like her, so I was the one who got to cook dinner almost every night from when I turned 12 and had to do more dishes & laundry for people. It’s bullshit and I try very hard to never be like her

  23. Pork Riblets (processed pork smashed together to look like it was grilled) in a roll covered in bbq sauce these were the bomb

  24. When I was in grade 8 we had vending machines with soft drink in a couple spots, one vending machine with various flavoured milks as well as the soft drinks in it and at the tuck shop we could buy 1.25l bottles of soft drink.

  25. Broke both my ankles tripping down the last three steps two weeks ago.

  26. I fell down 3 concrete stairs around 5 years ago and fractured both feet at once. It was wet because it had been raining and there was a really strong wind blast from behind me as I went to step down. The dr didn’t even see the fractures because they were basically chips pulled up when the muscles were torn away from the bones. Make sure you have a dr that gets you doing some physio as soon as possible, I had a shit dr tell me to keep doing what I was already doing (keeping feet in moon boots and not moving them) for way too long and the muscles never fully recovered after that

  27. Sounds awful. I'm on the NHS but being treated at a dedicated fracture clinic. I'm supposed to have my boots off unless walking and keep them elevated, walk 1000 steps a day (not managed that yet). Instructions likely to change after 5 weeks.

  28. Wow that sounds like a lot of physio. Fingers crossed you heal super fast. I actually broke 4 bones in my right foot just under 4 months ago and I’ve now done around 2 months working in a daycare room (I definitely do way more than 1000 steps a day now) so I can at least say that doing all those steps will help so much with healing your foot as quickly as possible

  29. Aussies and kiwis use it to refer to the area between the two countries, though I haven't heard it often personally in Australia.

  30. It’s quite common to hear in South East QLD from my experience, maybe because we are closer to “the ditch”

  31. You are correct, Meredith recognizes him because if this, after he dies Callie confirms it because of a 'freckle on his hand'. -per Wikipedia.

  32. I totally forgot about Callie confirming it like that. It’s been a while since that episode

  33. Hey, for me too, that scene is just etched in my memory because it was utter bullshit.

  34. That is true. The whole drawing on hand thing was pure insanity and the show only got crazier from there

  35. Can say that they both absolutely suck but I personally think breaking my foot is worse than loosing a job because it can put you complete out of action but only loosing a job you can at least start trying to find a new one that appreciates you. Source* broke 4 bones in my right foot 6 weeks ago and was made redundant from my job 2 weeks later. The bones have healed but the muscle damage making it hard to walk is still preventing me from finding a new job easily :(

  36. 😂 if that’s the worst thing autocorrect does to a comment, I think I’m doing ok

  37. Hiring a shitty photographer. Every single image was over-exposed so that everyone looks shiny against a nearly black background. Images taken by guests' phones were 1000 times better.

  38. Our photographer is the only vendor we tell people to avoid because he was an ass to deal with even before the wedding. And it took 8 months to get all of the damn photos after messaging & calling heaps of times. He stopped answering the phone if my husband called & eventually sent us all the stuff he shot unedited, which was good because I did a better job of editing them myself with no experience. He did photos & videos and I’m glad that the video part existed because the only “photos” of big moments like the first kiss are stills from the random cameras (most were go pros & one good camera). I love some of the poses of the night time shots he pulled us from the reception for, but he needs to learn about lighting because they are blurry shit to look at :(

  39. Painful shoes. My stepmother purchased them for me because they were PERFECT for my dress. I tried them on, they fit ok, but the next time I had them on was the actual wedding, and my god those bitches pinched! I'm standing on one foot or the other in almost all the casual pictures, trying to ease the pain. Otherwise the wedding was beautiful, in the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. Great location. Very photogenic.

  40. Yes, my shoes looked pretty but 3 inch stilettos only 14 months after having fractured both feet at once (just little chips & muscle damage) wasn’t the best plan for an outdoor, walk down 3 stairs and down a slightly sloped grass aisle, even with those little plastic heel stoppers on. And I actually stood on broken glass from a cologne bottle that morning so I was literally digging a glass splinter out & had a bandaid on my heel.

  41. Every time the Iriwns post a picture now, I get choked up. I usually cry. Especially when Robert takes place of Steve a lot for Bindi. He looks so much like his dad that I'm sobbing just thinking about it.

  42. Like this Instagram picture Bindi posted today for Mother’s Day.

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